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Groupcall Messenger

Groupcall Messenger is the leading parental contact solution used in over 2,500 schools across Europe. Messenger allows schools to simultaneously send text, voice or email messages to the landlines, mobile phones or computers of parents, staff or other contacts in multiple languages for a low monthly subscription fee. Messenger is used to monitor absence, enhance the safety of pupils, provide rapid contact with parents in the event of an emergency and to generally improve communication with parents.


Groupcall Alert

Groupcall Alert is an emergency, community-wide communication system enabling organisations to send text, multilingual voice calls or email messages to employees, or citizen’s mobile phones, landlines or computer, providing general or emergency communication. Alert automatically extracts contact information from a wide variety of data base systems (e.g. SAP, SQL, Oracle, DB2 and Access). These could include systems such as: HR Systems, Social Care, Housing and Primary Care Trusts.


Groupcall Alert

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