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Groupcall Partners


Groupcall works closely with a number of high profile organisations and technical partners. This ensures that our products meet our users demanding requirements.


If you're interested in partnering with us, we'd love to hear from you. Please email us, or call, 020 8506 6100.

MIS systems

Capita SIMS is a leading management information system used by over 22,000 schools and 70% of academies in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. They are one of our Commercial & SQL Technical partners.

RM Integris is a commercial & technical partner who provide school management solutions that change the way school data is managed and shared.

Advanced Learning (formerly Serco Learning) provides innovative 21st century technology solutions to over 2000 educational institutions throughout the UK and across the world. They are a technical integration partner.

iSAMS is a web-based education administrative system designed to bring the whole school community together and are one of our technical partners.

26 years unrivalled dedication to the education sector, Bromcom continues to provide innovative and secure software specifically for schools and colleges, its fully browser-based MIS solution gives schools ease of access with simple and intuitive interfaces across all platforms and devices.

Double First Ltd has been at the forefront of creating Pupil and Student Information Management software for UK and International fee-paying Schools, Colleges and Groups of all sizes.

SEEMiS has been providing Education Management Information Software to Local Educational Authorities inScotland for over 20 years. Groupcall and SEEMiS Group LLP have formed a technology partnership and will provide an enhanced communication solution for all SEEMiS schools.

CIVICA provide ICT solutions to over 4000 primary and secondary schools across Australia and throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Groupcall Emerge integrates with CIVICA’s MIS, Maze and has been chosen as a solution for all 152 schools in the Northern Territory state of Australia.

WCBS is the leading supplier of management information systems exclusively to fee-paying schools in the UK and world-wide, with over 500 schools relying on our expertise. WCBS as a company is renowned for its customer service and deep understanding of customer needs, and offers the benefits of close to 30 years of experience in this specialist sector.

Arbor provide a core MIS system that contains all the statutory functionality needed to run a school or college. It can work on any internet-enabled device and uses bank-grade security to ensure that all date is kept safe.

VS School MIS is a cloud-based Management Information System, which works across multiple platforms and devices – accessible from anywhere. Fast, easy to use, elegant and affordable. Empowering all users to invest in and benefit from improved data entry, analysis and reporting – be they students, parents or staff.


AdSum4 offer intuitive, cost effective and user friendly software applications to facilitate improved information systems and financial managements in school administrative offices. They are currently using one of our SIF agents.

WebBased use Xporter SIF agents to provision their Learning Platform in multi LA's. WebBased provides online applications for education and e-commerce.


Groupcall are proud to be members of SIF AU and support their efforts to develop and promote the SIF standard. The SIF Association ensure that data systems work together and free up educators to do what they do best: teach.

Our Managing Director, Lawrence Royston is Co-chair and our Head of Projects, Tim Verlander is the Technical Co-Chair of SIF UK.

Groupcall are NAACE members and sponsors | to contribute to the achievement of its primary aim: to advance education through the appropriate use of technology.

Groupcall are members of NEN (The National Education Network).The NEN is a learning and teaching resource providing schools with a secure network designed and maintained by experts within the educational community.

As members of BESA, we are delighted that Stuart Abrahams (Groupcall’s Sales and Marketing Director) has been elected to the BESA Executive Council for the next 2 years. BESA are a trade association that champions the interests of more than 300 companies supplying products and services to the education sector in the UK and worldwide.

Learning Platforms

Dell Learning System are currently using Xporter SIF agents to provision their Cambridgeshire & Derbyshire BSF contracts. Dell Learning System provides training solutions, for employee's.

It's Learning, deliver support and host a fully managed service to over 4,000 schools, colleges and universities. It's learning use Groupcall Xporter SIF agents for provisioning & are also technical partners in the SWGfL Merlin project.

studywiz logo

Studywiz are using Groupcall Xporter to provision the StudyWiz learning platform. StudyWiz enhance teaching by providing simple-to-use, cloudbased digital environments that map to the physical school environment calls, students, colleagues and parents.


Groupcall are provisioning the new Civica Education Suite for Civica Australia.

DB Primary offer a range of products including learning platforms, resources and websites to over a thousand primary schools nationwide. Groupcall work with DB Primary in providing MIS integration to further enhance the DB Primary experience.

Groupcall are provisioning software for Pearson Fronter LP in Northern Ireland..

Groupcall are provisioning software for OPENHIVE.


UniServity Life provides a range of services and technology which supports schools and local authorities in developing transformational learning opportunities. They are a 3rd party who use Groupcall Xporter & XVault to provision their Cambridgeshire & Derbyshire BSF contracts.


Single Sign on / Identity Management / Biometrics

BioStore logo

BioStore provides Identity Management Solutions use Groupcall Xporter to provision their biometrics solution. Biostore enable both public sector and commercial organisations to manage various software applications through a secure central base.

Attendance / Assessment

TASC ADA is an attendance data presentation tool that helps Local Authorities to improve and maintain attendance in Primary & Secondary Schools, extract Student information and Attendance marks from SIMS using Xporter to deliver their attendance monitoring software.

Classroom monitor is a comprehensive tool designed to aid teachers and schools in all aspects of assessment, tracking, data, target setting, recording evidence, lesson planning and report writing to parents on paper and online. They use Groupcall Xporter to provision their pupil tracking system.

School Library Systems

MLS have been providing library management systems to education sector since 1981. They currently use Groupcall Xporter to provision their MLS Library systems.

Softlink use Groupcall Xporter to provision their Alice/Oliver Library systems.

Local Authority Data Collection

CACI Impulse supports data driven decision-making by delivering a comprehensive solution for Local Authority Pupil Management. CACI are one of our Technical partners for data provisioning in multiple Local Authorities.

Tribal are a support services company that has provided market-leading learning and development solutions for over 20 years. Groupcall and Tribal have partnered together on numerous successful projects that have focused on providing customers secure end-to-end data solutions across a variety of systems.

Other partner organisations

The School Software logo

The School Software Company uses Xporter to power its Sleuth software, an electronic behaviour tracking system that records and analyses behaviour. Sleuth has been successful in contributing to improvements in behaviour management in hundreds of UK schools.

Is the market leader for online payments for schools.

GCSEPod are creators of Podcasts which are enhanced with images for computers, iPod or mobile phones.

EPraise is a school rewards system designed to motivate students.

Blue Hills Software use Groupcall Xporter to extract Staff, Students and SEN data via web services. Blue Hills specialise in management solutions and are a Capita SIMS Commercial Partner for the Provision Map Writer service.

Meritec use Xporter to extract extended Students, Staff and Parental contact information, including agencies, IEPs, Medial, SEN, Provisions, Term dates and school groups. Meritec provides support services to deliver performance improvement and raise business benefits for Local Government customers.

Oxford Computer Group is an IT service company that specialises in identity and security with a particular focus on Identity and Access Management and Information Protection. They integrate with Xporter in non-SIF and SIF implementations via XVault to provide identity management and data sources for learning platforms.

ITWorx use Xporter to provision their Moodle based learning platform in Kent & Durham Local Authorities. ITWorx are a global software professional services organisation.

Different Class support local authorities and schools to improve outcomes for children and young people. They use Xporter to provision their pupil tracking system.

Theme Solutions, based in Western Australia, provides specialised services to the education sector, using ICT to deliver powerful and pleasing solutions for learning and communication. With a decade of experience in the industry, they are resellers for our Emerge and Messenger solution.

EduKey’s assessment and report authoring products are thoroughly trialled and tested in the classroom environment. With a strong educational background, EduKey know first-hand the problems schools encounter with poorly designed software which is why they put the school user at the centre of everything they do.

sQuid is the latest innovation in cashless ePayment solutions. sQuid provides the most efficient and secure payments service for schools. It’s the only eMoney Issuer in UK education today. They bring modern IP systems to schools, enabling any payment, and reduced administration.

Groupcall Messenger and sQuid have collaborated to bring schools ePayments. This integrated online payment solution allows schools to quickly create offers for trips and other items. Parents can then pay remotely from their personal portal. Click here for more information.

Boardworks is a publisher of a complete range of software designed for whole class teaching on interactive whiteboards and projectors. With complete curriculum coverage across 21 subjects at secondary, and a complete cross-curricular solution at primary, Boardworksf ready-to-use lessons offer one simple solution to embedding ICT across all departments.

eSchools allows schools to combine their learning platform, communication tools, school website and useful features for office staff and governors into one system.

Pupil Asset provides servicesfor schools including an acclaimed online tracking system, a simple way to connect with parents via SMS and emails, and an MIS that allows schools to communicate with parents and helps them see what is happening within the school.

Vivo provides award-winning technology that drives positive behaviour in schools through fun, inspiring content, multi-layered reward systems and game mechanics to increase student engagement.

WisePay offers integrated online payment, enrolment, bookings and communication services to the education sector. They have competitively low transaction charges and over twenty years of expertise.

Show My Homework is a simple school homework calendar. It allows teachers to more efficiently create, mark and track homework whilst giving students a clear picture of what they need to do, allowing them to stay organised and prioritise their work.

Updata takes the best services from a variety of sources and integrate them to form a holistic and optimised solution tailored to exact customer requirements. They are an innovative communications integrator that serves the public sector.

Septembers Statutory Primary Essence 2014 provides a live online system which enables both Primary schools, their parents and the pupils to track progress and attainment through graphical, numerical and personalised comments.

Groupcall are an associate member of MirandaNet who support the Fellows with action research projects and knowledge exchange activities. MirandaNet is a non-profit making professional organisation established in 1992 by Professor Christina Preston who works closely with over 800 members through an e-community of practice consisting of international ICT policy makers, teachers, advisers, teacher educators, researchers and commercial developers in over 70 countries.