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Groupcall Messenger provides an easy-to-use, web-based solution for parental communications. The system gives schools the ability to send messages to the mobile phones and landlines of parents, staff and key contacts via text (SMS), Voice, Email, Twitter, Printed Letter and also the Groupcall app.

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Xpressions App

Student informaton automatcally sent directly to the parent´s mobile phone!.


Now that we can contact them in their own language, we can communicate with our families from Poland. Without Groupcall it is much harder to contact these individuals

West End Middle School, Kirklees

The service has enabled the school to improve attendance figures tremendously. Feedback from parents is very good; they appreciate the fact that they are also informed by text.

King Solomon High School

We love it and could not now exist without it – in fact our parents are complaining if we do not send a message to them! When we need to contact parent/carers regarding; urgent cancellation of school activities; school closure; reminders about visits out; best wishes for holidays; thank you to parents for support – the system is excellent.

Essendine School

Teaching staff used to make phone calls to students. They now have their time freed up to teach! Messenger saves us a lot of time. Students are no longer making phone calls home; it means that there is more time for teaching

St John's Primary Northern Ireland

It is quick and efficient. The tracking of the messages allows us to move on and not wait and try again.

Oakdale Junior School

Aides contact with parents for school issues i.e. reminders for parent’s evenings, lesson truancy, Duke of Edinburgh events and exam preparation days. It saves a significant amount of time on first day absence and gives me time to make phones calls to PA students.

Rush Croft School