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Case Studies

Groupcall Xporter


We are confident that along with extracting data from almost any database and delivering the information to your required system in a number of formats, Groupcall Xporter can also save your schools time and money.

However, don’t just take our word for it! By reading our case studies you can see examples of how Xporter has directly benefited its users.


Groupcall Xporter - Providing seamless import of data for Brent LA

London Borough of Brent Local Authority

Justin Joseph, IT, Data & Infrastructure Manager has been with Brent for 8 years and was looking for a more efficient and controlled way of collecting data from schools.

Justin explains: “Groupcall Xporter was piloted in our Local Authority for 3 months and comparable to other products was the only real solution available - we now have seamless export of data which has taken the burden away from schools and the LA providing a more complete and structured export.

Not only has Xporter benefited the LA in making the data required from schools MIS system available to us as and when required with little or no effort, it has had an equally positive impact on schools in freeing up the time of the adminstration staff and significantly reducing the burden the LA placed on schools for data.”



Groupcall Xporter does exactly what it says on the tin!

Derbyshire County Council

Derbyshire County Council has been using Groupcall Xporter since early 2006. The Local Authority (LA) wanted a system that had the ability to automate data transfer between themselves and their schools. The LA wished to extract demographics such as age, year, address, SEN and attendance information from their schools.

Martin Stone, the LA’s Senior Management Information Officer tells Groupcall how the Xporter system is used in Derbyshire:

"Before we began using Groupcall Xporter, we used to do large manual data imports from our schools 3 times per year. We wanted to have up-to-date information from schools that could be refreshed on a weekly basis. Derbyshire’s manual data imports used to result in up to 4,000 unmatched records, this used to take months to clear up. Groupcall Xporter does exactly what it says on the tin!"


Xporter is invaluable!

Warwickshire County Council

Warwickshire County Council is based in the West Midlands in the town of Warwick and includes the five districts of North Warwickshire, Nuneaton & Bedworth, Rugby, Warwick and Stratford-on-Avon (the home of William Shakespeare!). Along with 243 schools of which 206 are primary, Warwickshire has a total of 80,000 students and 15,500 teaching and support staff.

Emma Gelfs, Team Member at Warwickshire has been with the authority for 25 years, 20 of which has been within an MIS support environment. Here, Emma explains why Groupcall Xporter was chosen while looking for a solution to support their SIF implementation.


Central Bedfordshire Council gain greater control & confidence over quality of data!

Central Bedfordshire Council

Central Bedfordshire Council became a Unitary Authority 3 years ago. Cathy Piotrowski, Education Data
Management & Development Officer looked to Groupcall Xporter for a more efficient method of extracting data from schools.

Cathy explains: “After learning of Xporter through the Company Groupcall, we were looking to reduce the burden of data extraction for schools and find flexibility in the range and frequency of data that can be extracted. With approximately 2,200 employees in the Council, we were also looking for ways to improve efficiencies in data collections".


Norfolk County Council enjoy a great return on investment with Groupcall Xporter

We had previously used solutions that relied heavily on manual intervention and that also incurred extra costs such as timeliness and accuracy. Following the successful pilots, the identity management and learning platform integration (from a great success) and we have since extended this to all Norfolk schools, describing the service as 'business as usual'. Not only is Groupcall Xporter (with SIF functionality) facilitating the interoperability with learning platforms and our Itentity Management (IdM) service, but we are now using it for a 'Cloud' hosted Capita SIMS MIS deployment to the majority of our Primary and Secondary schools plus Academies. In addition, we have 'plugged-in' Google apps for Education and more services are in the pipeline.


Academy Groups

Groupcall has developed a range of tools enabling Academy Groups to automatically centralise and aggregate school MIS data. Groupcall Xporter, XVault, XVault Reporting and Dashboard provide an end-to-end solution built around supporting the need to access ‘near real time’ data for a wide range of reports and to drastically reduce the administrative burden of accessing data from multiple schools. As Groupcall supports all major UK MIS vendors, we can also provide a solution for those with a mixed economy of MIS systems across their entire estate.

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