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Groupcall Xporter

Groupcall Xporter uses encryption to protect your data extraction specification from alteration or duplication to provide you with maximum reliability and reassurance that you are operating exactly as your data sharing agreement with schools allows.

Groupcall have established contractual partnerships with all major UK MIS providers (and a number of private school systems) including Capita SIMS, Advanced Learning Facility/CMIS, Advanced Learning Progresso, RM's Integris G2/S2 and SEEMiS Click 'n' Go. The method that the Xporter uses to access the data is approved by these partners and requires that Xporter authenticates itself each time data on the MIS is retrieved; usernames and passwords are AES encrypted and stored locally. When Xporter compiles MIS data for a data extraction it stores this information in a self-contained memory-based database, which means that it is not readable by any other external application and does not provide any database services to other applications, so that data is secure.

Xporter can provide delta files, which are data extractions which only include changes that have occurred in the MIS since the last data extraction. In this situation a snapshot file is stored locally containing the last data extraction.

Data Transfer

The extraction process produces a data file in the required format, which is automatically sent to the data recipient, typically using SSL web services. When a file has been successfully transferred or even if the file transfer failed, the file can be securely deleted and the disc space that the file occupied is 'scrubbed' to prevent recovery.