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Groupcall XVault

Groupcall Xporter

In addition to Dashboard, Groupcall have developed XVault which is a data aggregation tool: collecting data from multiple sources using the SIF data model (although it works in both the SIF and non-SIF environments). It provides easy access to collated data for analytical, monitoring and reporting purposes.


XVault diagram


How does XVault work?
XVault operates by periodically initiating data collections from providing clients, such as school MIS systems and by processing change events raised by clients. The periodic data collections are controlled by the scheduler in XVault which allows for data collections to be scheduled. XVault stores all received data in an SQL database which can be interrogated both by web services and by SQL which allows data collections to be flexibly scheduled.

What does XVault collect?
XVault stores data in the UK SIF data specification and so supports the following areas covered by SIF. XVault can connect to a SIF Zone Integration Server (ZIS) or can use Xporter in schools to support collection of data in environments without an existing SIF infrastructure.

  • Core Student data, including photographs
  • Extended Student data, such as SEN and Behaviour
  • Exclusions and Free-School Meal Entitlement
  • Core Staff data
  • Core Student Contact data
  • School groups
  • Student Attendance
  • Student Assessment
  • School term and diary dates
  • School timetable

XVault data security
While Groupcall XVault is designed to operate securely and requires authentication to access web servers and the management console, it is advised that additional configuration is made in the operating environment to ensure full plarform-level security.

The XVault Database
The XVault database should be located on a physically secure server that is appropriately configured to prevent unintended access. Each system accessing the database requires a separate SQL user account with a strong password. Systems reading data from the XVault database should be constrained to a specific view or set of views per accessing system.

XVault delivers value in 3 key areas:

  • Virtual School
  • XVault Reporting
  • Groupcall Admissions Solution

Groupcall XVault Reporting
Groupcall XVault provides councils with the ability to aggregate and centralise schools MIS data within a secure and local environment. Xporter delivers the required data straight to XVault, allowing for live extracts to be analysed and reported on instantly. It also provides flexibility by allowing reporting tools such as Crystal Reports to plug straight into XVault or pre-defined reports can be run from within the XVault user interface.

Groupcall Virtual School
With a mixed economy of MIS systems across schools, the process of collating live data and reports can be inefficient and time consuming for Virtual Schools and Councils. The Groupcall Virtual School solution offers comprehensive access to LAC data, facilitating effective near-live analysis of key information including Assessment, Behaviour, SEN, priority Contacts, Attainment, Attendance, PEP’s and Intervention Targets resulting in improved team and management workflow and data accessibility.

Groupcall Admissions Solution
Groupcall are working with a number of Councils to provision a dynamic alerting and reporting system for the Admissions team. XVault can aggregate live or scheduled extracts focusing on ‘Pre-Admissions’ data and provide instant reporting on school admissions, targets and pupil quotas. In addition, by using Groupcall Messenger Online, parents can be contacted via text, email or voicemail if they have failed to confirm a school placement for their child. This drastically reduces time spent by the Admissions team chasing parents for confirmation and cuts the cost of regular letters and postage. It also provides the council with a real-time window of admissions data across all their schools.