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Groupcall Emerge
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Implementing Assessment Without Levels with Groupcall Emerge

With the shift to Assessment Without Levels in the 2014 National Curriculum, many schools responded by exploring approaches to assessment that work for them.

Our free whitepaper 'Assessment Without Levels - Two Years On' explains how the education sector is successfully adapting to the new National Curriculum.

The whitepaper includes:

  • Principles of good assessment.
  • What Ofsted inspectors will expect to see.
  • A step-by-step guide to assessing without levels.
  • Ways to overcome key challenges.

Fill in the form to download your free whitepaper and we'll be in touch about how Groupcall Emerge can help your school track progress effectively in a world without levels.

Groupcall Emerge supports schools throughout the UK to securely and easily collect the data they need for day-to-day assessment and tracking pupil progress. Teachers can record and access SIMS MIS data anytime, anywhere and on any device - meaning more time for teaching.




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Bottesford Infant School
"I can confirm that the success of using Groupcall Emerge really does speak for itself - more time for quality teaching, better learning, better time management for the administration team and essential pupil details available at the touch of a button!"

- Bottesford Infant School

Flakefleet Primary School
"The feedback from our staff has been great and they state that the time saved in teacher and office hours is huge! A report was given to the Governors of the school and they were very impressed by the use of Emerge and its savings on time as well as allowing more time to teach."

- Flakefleet Primary School

The Malling School
"Our Vice Principals have started to use the latest feature to resolve behaviour issues by looking at recent incidents between students as well as re-directing students back to their correct lesson. Our Vice Principals see a lot of potential in the behaviour and achievement features."

- The Malling School