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Inspiring your school – most importantly, your pupils – to engage in PE

  Jocy Levy     Jun 08, 2016

Introducing: Striver

This blog is the first in a new series whereby we look at the innovative new services available in the schools’ market. As industry-leaders in parental engagement and communication technology and apps, we at Groupcall are always on the lookout for excellent systems and services for school. This is because we truly understand the outstanding benefits that tech can bring to a school, for staff, parents and pupils alike. Our Emerge app is a great example of this - it gives teachers their MIS in the palm of their hand on any device, anytime, anywhere. This has a multitude of benefits, but it comes into its own when applied to a PE setting. Its affinity with PE as a subject and the way it can streamline a lesson, making it easier for teachers and more engaging for pupils from the start, meant that our ears pricked up when we heard about Striver.

Motivating children and adults

Striver is a fantastic new initiative to boost PE lessons and keep kids active. Striver was founded by Derek Croghan, a primary school teacher from Hove. He realised that sports and exercise apps were successfully motivating millions of adults to boost their activity levels, so he decided to drive this forward for children too. The combination of sports and technology to get kids “fit, healthy and happy” was something he felt passionate about, and Striver was born.

How does Striver work?

Striver works by providing teachers with PE lesson activities whilst also giving them the ability to record the children’s scores and results (either the teacher or a child delegated as “Striver Captain” can do this). Over a period of time, these results are automatically collated into a portfolio of each child’s progress. Achievements are rewarded with virtual medals and printable certificates. Parents can also view these at home by logging in online.

Putting the teacher in control

This system can revolutionise a primary PE lesson for teachers and pupils alike; excellent activities are already ready and available for teachers to execute, many of which are accompanied by video guides and games to help to build similar skills. A template means that if they so desire, they can also create their own activities and upload their own videos. It even makes setting up intra and inter school competitions effortless, as results and scores are logged within Striver itself and you can see how a school is comparing to another.

Happy, healthy children

Children are presented with tried and tested skills to do in their lessons and a structured reward system for them means that they are continually motivated – striving for success, as the name suggests! By recording scores over time and being able to see improvements, children are praised and rewarded for their effort as opposed to their achievement. This is incredibly important for self-esteem, and their “Growth Mindset” as defined by Striver.

Get the gold for your school this summer

This summer is an important season for sport! We have the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio to look forward to, and this is an excellent basis for getting children excited about exercise. Striver is optimising this by bringing the Olympic buzz to primary schools far and wide. Their Mini-Olympic program provides pupils with the opportunity to attempt a range of Olympic and Paralympic sports at school, with the opportunity to take home the gold medal for their school and country!

Does your school use technology to enhance PE lessons or extra curricular sport? We’d love to hear from you on Twitter or Facebook.

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Jocy Levy

Written by Jocy Levy

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