The complete GDPR compliance tool for schools

About GDPRiS:

Groupcall have partnered with GDPR in Schools (GDPRiS) to bring together its own team of experts, who know and understand about personal data in schools and how it is stored and shared by all major suppliers.

GDPRiS is the complete data protection compliance tool for schools, helping to answer the 4 key questions schools must ask themselves about personal data including:

  1. Where is it?
    GDPRiS documents data flows and all of the places you store and process data. It records whether data is in school or with 3rd party suppliers.
  2. Why do we have it?
    GDPRiS logs the reasons for using the data, the legal basis for processing it and how the rights of the individual are protected. Data stored that has no value will be highlighted.
  3. How is it protected?
    GDPRiS records the processes you and your 3rd party suppliers use the protect personal data. It helps guide ALL school staff to a new level of data protection understanding.
  4. Can we prove it?
    As well as enabling you to easily conduct internal audits and report on data breaches, all the evidence you need to demonstrate your compliance is in one place.

With more than 40 years' combined experience working in and with schools, we have delivered a truly innovative cloud-based solution to help schools take the time, cost and stress out of becoming GDPR compliant.

GDPRiS is an invaluable tool for schools, data protection officers, local authority support teams and multi-academy trusts, whether supporting single or multiple schools.

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