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New safeguarding guidance: What does it mean for your school?

As part of new statutory guidance ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’, all schools have been asked to review their safeguarding policies.


Our free whitepaper aims to help schools to understand what the new statutory guidance means for them, and to support them to fulfill their statutory duties.

The whitepaper includes:

  • An overview of changes to safeguarding guidance
  • What Ofsted inspectors will expect to see
  • Key recommendations for schools

Fill in the form to download your free whitepaper and we’ll be in touch about how Groupcall Emerge can support your school’s safeguarding procedures by ensuring vital data is always on hand.

Groupcall Emerge supports schools' safeguarding procedures by providing instant access to vital data, including pupil medical records and emergency contacts. Emerge assists schools throughout the UK, giving teachers secure and easy access to the SIMS MIS data they need, in class, on the sports field and on school trips - even when you're offline.


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Harbour Primary and Nursery School
"Staff are able to see details of children and contact details along with medical information. We didn't want this service on a desktop PC - we wanted it mobile and that's what we've got!"

Harbour Primary and Nursery School

Stoke Damerel Community College
"We are able to give immediate feedback on student information when required and also allow staff to safeguard our pupils by taking registers remotely."

Stoke Damerel Community College

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy
"Taking devices with us on school trips certainly cuts down on the usual paperwork that normally needs to be carried out. Now, we just have a pocket-sized device that has all the information we need for every student and the medical and emergency contact information."

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy