Breaking through the language barrier with Groupcall Messenger

Schools across the UK are becoming more culturally and linguistically diverse. While many students quickly attain proficiency in English, there can often be a language barrier when it comes to communicating with parents.

Groupcall Messenger contains a smart, integrated feature that can automatically translate messages in over 100 different languages.

Over 5,000 schools currently communicate easily and efficiently through Messenger, including to non-English speaking families, keeping them engaged with the school and their child’s education.

The messages are translated based on existing data in your school’s MIS, sending email and text communications to every parent based on their home language.

You are also able to send a message in English alongside it and translate their response in turn.

Just some of the languages Groupcall Messenger currently supports

Just some of the languages Groupcall Messenger currently supports.

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Fully optimised, easy-to-use interface

The Messenger interface has been designed to have a self-explanatory look and feel which means that processes are quick, simple and intuitive.

Messenger is also optimised for mobile devices so you can use it on your phone, tablet and desktop computer.

Using Groupcall Messenger
also help your school to:

Boost attendance & keep children safe

Boost attendance & keep children safe

Messenger is proven to increase student attendance and reduce unauthorised absences, by providing an early alert to parents if a child fails to arrive at school. In some cases, Messenger has reduced unauthorised absences by almost 30% in some authorities and by more than 50% in some schools.
Reduce communication costs

Reduce communication costs

Groupcall Xpressions is the free parental app within Messenger, which makes communication between a school and parents easier. It’s free for parents to download on mobile phones and tablets. As all messages in Xpressions are free of charge to send, this significantly reduces the money spent on paper, printing and postage.
Enhance Parental Engagement

Enhance Parental Engagement

Messenger enables your school to enhance parental engagement by allowing for a two-way communication between parents. Improve communication with non-English speaking families by sending and receiving messages which can be translated in up to 64 different languages.
Save administration time

Save administration time

As Messenger reads information direct from the MIS system and sends messages instantly, staff save time by not having to make time-consuming calls and updating data manually. With incoming messages and attendance write-back, this process is even quicker when using Messenger.
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