Groupcall Xporter plans to suit partners at every stage of integration.




  • Robust and secure real-time access to school level data.
  • Enhanced school-level control of data sharing and visibility of integrators.
  • Groupcall managed service for implementation and schools.
  • Support for all popular UK MIS products.
  • Access to our SMS API.
  • Built on Xporter infrastructure already deployed in 18,000 schools. 

    Groupcall Xporter is currently in 18,000 schools and partners with 14 Management information systems.



    • Special rates exclusively for start-ups.
    • Flexible licensing and billing to suit.
    • Extensive data coverage
    • 15 years of proven expertise
    • Tried and trusted by over 18,000 schools every day


An affordable option for partners wishing to access essential data, ideal for start-ups or those requiring a ‘light touch’ to integration.
From £3.75 per month

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For more complex data needs with additional access to our messaging and push APIs, the most popular option amongst our partners.
From £5 per month

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For the most demanding integration needs, our enhanced service offers our highest level of service and benefits.
From £6.25 per month

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If you are launching a new product or business in the edtech UK market, we have a unique scheme to assist you in getting started with minimum outlay.

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Groupcall helps over 80 third-party organisations access the information they need to deliver the tools that over 18,000 schools and 65 Local Authorities count on to deliver their services, support learning, manage our schools and protect our young people.
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