Groupcall Xporter is used by numerous third-party organisations to automate data provisioning within their own software - and is already deployed in over 18,000 UK schools.

It enables secure MIS data extraction from a school via an in-built scheduler. If your organisation needs to implement a central data collection routine from schools, an Xporter client is
installed at the school (set up typically takes around 15 minutes per school).

Each partner organisation has a unique extract created that delivers the required data (either full data sets or changes since last delivery) securely to a location of your choice, or directly
to a Groupcall XVault - a centralised database that aggregates MIS data sent by the school via Xporter.

Once a data sharing agreement between the schools and the software provider is in place, the information is typically updated daily and regardless of the originating MIS (we have established
relationships with all major MIS providers), the information is constantly delivered in the correct unified format.

Not only does Xporter reduce the burden on school's administration, it also means your software is quicker to implement, data accuracy is improve and the impact on support is reduced.



Vivo Technology
"We originally started with our own integration, but like many others, found it a burden on development and support. After piloting Xporter, both of these were easily resolved."
Daniel Gibbons - Support Manager at Vivo Technology



The latest edition to the Xporter family is Xporter on Demand (affectionately called 'XoD').

XoD is a web-based API and portal that provides partners a means to run sample queries, read support documentation and develop, test and deploy integrations.

It gives schools the ability to issue partners with API keys to grant permission to connect to their MIS as well as the level of data each partner can access.

The service is installed locally at the school, by their staff or with Groupcall's assistance, and connects to their system - either on premise, or in the cloud, depending on their MIS of choice.

For partners using our on-premise Xporter client, it produces an XML file or JSON output specific to their requirements, which is then fetched securely by the partner's software as needed. XoD takes this a step further,
by allowing partners to query data in near real-time, on demand.

XoD builds on our Xporter pedigree, providing a unified interface across multiple MIS platforms with options to automate back-end processes and benefit from increased levels of Groupcall support.

For more information, view our XoD plans or contact our dedicated partner team.


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