Missed appointments, forgotten or unknown delivery dates all cost organisations money and time, reducing efficiency and increasing operating costs. Alert can alleviate all of those problems and improve the efficiencies of your services. With text messages costing as little as 5p each in the UK, Alert is up to 90% cheaper than standard correspondence methods i.e. letter and phone calls.

Text units can be as low as 5p each, enabling you to instantly contact (say) 100 recipients for just £5.00 - far cheaper than the cost of 100 telephone calls and without the many hours it would take to complete these calls (potentially some 5 hours if each call were just 3 minutes long...)

Free and unlimited email is also included enabling you to send offers, information, updates, surveys etc. without the cost of paper, print and postage.

It is always best to arrange for you to see the system for yourself so that you can evaluate it better. To do this we would normally host a remote demonstration session using the Internet so that you can view our screen whilst we talk you through the system and show it working live. If you would like some of your colleagues to also see the demonstration you may want to use a speaker phone and either a larger screen/projector so that all can see it. To request a free demonstration, please email:


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