Messages can be sent via Alert quickly, efficiently and cost effectively, ensuring delivery to the right person at the right time (you can even schedule messages to be delivered at a later date to suit you).

In the technological world we live in, Alert can send messages by almost every possible means. Whether it be a reminder, general message, cancellation or confirmation, messages can be sent to all relevant contacts in seconds.

SMS (text) – using the system, millions of messages are sent every month. This simple to use method is perfect to contact multiple users instantly. Contacts also have the ability to respond to text messages sent from your company in the same way they would with a normal text message - providing the option to offer two-way communication.

E-mail – messages can be sent via e-mail which are unlimited and free of charge. Great for sending special offers, saving money instead of using paper, ink and time. Multiple attachments totalling up to 2MB can also be sent (this can be expanded to 10MB upon request).

Voice messaging – when sending voice messages to your contacts’ landlines, there is nothing like a familiar voice. You can record your own voice directly into Alert and send the recorded message to any selected contacts, quickly and easily. If you do not wish to use your own voice, text-to-speech is also available.

Multi-Lingual functionality – messages (text and email) can be sent in up to 64 different languages using Google Translate.

Tweet – with Twitter integration you are able to ‘tweet’ your messages ensuring you maximise your social media presence.


"The Groupcall Alert system is a great way to communicate with current staff to provide them with any updates required. We are increasing the use of the system for prospective staff to contact them for interviews or to gauge their interest in working with us after the initial contact." Walkers Shorthbread Ltd.

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