emerge FAQs

What devices can I use the Emerge Mobile app on?

Emerge Mobile app can be used on Apple iOS, Android devices plus Windows 8.1+ devices (currently tablets and computers only).

What devices can I use Emerge Desktop on?

Emerge Desktop can be used on any device (except mobile-size devices such as smartphones) with any modern, common browser. So Emerge Web will work via browsers on desktops or tablets.

Is the Mobile app secure?

Emerge Mobile app is completely secure and only works with registered devices where the data is encrypted for the device and the user. Emerge employs security similar to that used by banks and uses two-factor authentication to tie the users to specific devices. A username, password and passcode are required in order to work only from specific devices authorised to the user. 

If the device is lost or stolen, the device can be wiped remotely using third party tools such as 'find my iPhone' or the 'Android Device Manager'. Additionally, data will be removed automatically after a set number of days without use. Sensitive data within the app is encrypted using strong AES encryption keyed on both the device and the user, therefore enforcing 2-factor authentication.

Our school wireless network is firewalled from our SIMS server, can I use Emerge?

Yes, this is quite common and our support team can provide advice during installation. Please contact us if you need this information before installation.

How does Emerge talk to my MIS?

Emerge talks to your MIS via the Emerge Web Service that is installed on your server using Groupcall Xporter. More technical detail on this is available, please contact us if you require such information.

The Emerge Desktop Service applies two layers of authentication (device and user) before allowing data to be transmitted. Transmitted data is encrypted so that it can only be decoded by the device and user it is being sent to.

I need to use a proxy to access the internet but the proxy will block access to the Emerge Web Service. Can Emerge cope with this?

Yes, this is quite common and our support team can provide advice during installation. Please contact us if you need this information before installation.

What is the Emerge Management Console?

In order to control how Emerge Mobile app is managed and deployed, there is a management console which is accessible on your server. This allows the school administrator using Emerge to create and manage both devices and users, including the ability to choose what the user can see by selecting one of the available profiles. Some features can also be accessed by an admin user directly via the app itself.

Can the Emerge Mobile app be used outside of the school network i.e. at home or on a school trip?

Yes, this is one of Emerge's unique offerings. It puts the power of the MIS in the user's hands no matter where they are. Emerge can be used on devices with 3G, 4G and/or Wi-Fi either directly or via a broadband or cellular modem.

We have made this solution as secure as when used in the boundary of the school network. The device connects via the Microsoft Azure Service Bus in the cloud. The messages between the Emerge devices and the Emerge server are encrypted before being sent via the cloud. Please note: it is the decision of the school using Emerge as to whether they allow staff to access information outside the school's Wi-Fi system - this is controlled by the Emerge Management Console.

Of course, if you are looking to regularly use Emerge at home, you can access the information you need via Emerge Web.

Is the Groupcall/MIS data held off-site for remote device access and where is this data stored and how secure is it?

No data is held off-site. All data is read directly from your MIS by Groupcall Xporter and held on our own server (in the Emerge Database Cache). Devices query the server (or more specifically the Emerge Cache) and receive the data directly from there, with transmission being encrypted as it travels via the cloud or your own school network. Emerge employs security similar to that used by banks.

If you have any further questions that are not shown in this section, please contact us on: 020 8506 6100.

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