School Messaging System: Getting your message across

School messaging system

Getting Your Message Across

Messenger enables schools to contact parents, staff and students quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively ensuring messages are delivered to the right person at the right time (you can even schedule messages to be delivered at a later date).

In the technological world we live in, Messenger really has covered all bases and messages can be sent in almost every way possible.

Whether it be a reminder that it is parents’ evening tomorrow or a notification that the school will be closed due to heavy snowfall, a message can be sent to all relevant contacts in seconds.

SMS (text) – using Messenger, around 7.5 Million text messages are sent out by schools across the UK every month. This simple-to-use method is perfect to contact multiple users instantly. Parents also have the ability to respond to text messages sent from the school in the same way they would with a normal text message, thus offering two-way communication.

Email – Messages can be sent via email which are unlimited and free of charge. Great for sending school newsletters and thus saving money instead of using paper, ink and time, not to mention relying on the newsletter getting home in the first place! Multiple attachments totalling up to 2MB can also be sent (this can be expanded to 10MB upon request).

Push messages – with Groupcall Xpressions, an exciting new service, you can update parents on a wide range of events in real time. This allows parents to receive and view information sent directly to their mobile devices (Apple iOS & Android smartphones with Windows mobile to follow). The school decides what information parents may view but can include:

  • Free messages sent by the school delivered directly to the app using push notifications with the ability to respond
  • Updates regarding selected partner systems used by the school, i.e. homework, catering & library systems
  • Communication inbox consolidating information whether sent by SMS or email in one easy to access location.

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Voice messaging - When sending voice messages to recipients' landlines or mobiles, there is nothing like a familiar voice. You can record your own voice directly into Messenger and send the recorded message to any selected contact quickly and easily. You are also able to use text-to-speech if you do not wish to record your own voice along with the ability to use custom prompts.

Multi-lingual functionality - Messages (text and email) can be sent in up to 64 different languages meaning families, regardless of their mother tongue can be included in school communications whether routine or emergency. Messages are automatically translated (using Google Translate) and sent in the correct language based on the MIS.

eLetters/Letters – Messenger allows you to produce a copy of the SMS or email in the form of a printed message, ideal for those contacts who don’t have the relevant details to be able to receive an SMS or email. Alternatively, you can also generate a traditional style letter which can be printed and sent home with your pupils or posted.

eCards – There are over 20 eCard templates for primary and secondary Schools already built into Messenger for your use. Great for sending personalised merits, certificates and specific achievements to parents. You can also create your own templates. The eCards are sent as pdf files and so are easy for the parent to print.

Tweet – With Twitter integration you are able to ‘tweet’ your messages ensuring you maximise your school’s social media presence.

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