Make the booking of parents' evening appointments much quicker and simpler to organise

Parents' Evening Booking System

We are delighted to offer schools this fantastic bolt-on to our award-winning, parental communication product, Groupcall Messenger.

The Parents' Evening Booking System has been created to make the process of booking parents’ evening appointments much quicker and simpler to organise. The school is able to set up a new parents’ evening event in minutes, enabling the parents to log in and book their own appointments at a time to suit them without relying on the students!

The Parents’ Evening Booking System is fully integrated with Messenger and your school’s MIS.


  • Schools can set up simple or complex events in minutes
  • Parents are sent login instructions that are simple and easy to follow
  • Parents are in control of their own timetable and can select appointments to suit their schedule
  • Parents are able to suggest any relevant topics for discussion before they arrive at the event so that the teacher is prepared
  • The event runs more smoothly and reduces time that parents often spend waiting for their turn
  • The system is accessible via all modern devices including phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers
  • No need for paper bookings and students no longer need to be relied upon to make the bookings which saves teaching time and errors
  • The automated booking wizard enables parents to book all of their appointments in one easy click
  • Teachers are able to control their availability
  • Teachers can send parents a message that will automatically appear when the parents log in
  • Both parents and teachers can send a message that will automatically appear when the parents log in.

"This is definitely the way forward for schools if they wish to engage with their parents and to give greater ownership to their parents with regards to pupil progress and achievement. The attendance rate for this event was very high and the positive comments from parents for the system were many."

Preston School

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