Groupcall Xporter
For Local Authorities
Designed to meet the reporting demands of Local Authorities, Groupcall Xporter makes it easy for authorities to collect data from thousands of UK schools and deliver it to their central systems – securely and in a uniform format, entirely at your control.

Secure data solutions for local authorities

Xporter is the number one choice for secure data transfer – in use in over 20,000 UK schools and 65 LAs and Academy Trusts. And no wonder. From core student information and attendance data to parental contacts, classes and groups, Xporter supports data extraction and exporting core MIS data, in a uniform format, from a whole variety of MIS systems, as often as you need.

Groupcall support round-the-clock.


If you need extra backup, we’re here for you. After our experienced team have installed Xporter, we’ll provide comprehensive training and round-the-clock support.

Completely automate your data collection process with Groupcall Xporter.


Xporter is secure and completely under your control. You define what data is collected, when it’s collected and where it’s sent. Your files are monitored by the system to protect them from tampering.

Groupcall Xporter simplifies the reporting and transmitting process.


Data reports are generated in CSV or XML format – then copied to a pre-defined destination or sent via MAPI or SMTP. If needed, data reports can even be encrypted using Public/Private key 128bit encryption (RSA).

Install Groupcall Xporter in 15 minutes with the help of our video installation guide.


Xporter comes with a complete installation routine and video installation guide – the whole process should take around 15 minutes. It’s easy to update, too. Program updates are automatically downloaded within three hours of release. 

Schedule data extraction for a time that suits you with Groupcall Xporter.


How often do you need to extract data? With our flexible scheduler, you can request it as regularly as you like – termly, annually, several times a day, or even on demand.

Groupcall has a number of Manangement Information System (MIS) partners to ensure seamless integration.


Xporter is compatible with all of the UK’s leading MIS systems including Capita SIMS, Pearson e1, Serco Facility/CMIS, Serco Progresso, RM’s Integris and G2 / S2, and Click & Go.




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 How Xporter is used

Groupcall Xporter has been used for various data collection tasks including: 

  • Core student information
  • Leavers report
  • Monitor changes to pupil data
  • Student provisioning
  • Attendance, assessment & behaviour
  • Identity management
  • Medical information
  • Contact information
  • Free school meal entitlement
  • Fields removed from census

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 Bringing it all together

Xporter is the beating heart of a Suite of data products that enable you to share and aggregate your data to best-in-class standards – all while monitoring the health of your data exchange system.


Groupcall XVault for Local Authorities

 Groupcall XVault

XVault is our powerful data aggregation tool. Collecting data from multiple sources using the SIF data model, it then enables easy access to your collated data for detailed analysis, monitoring and reporting.


 Xporter dashboard

Report and monitor the health of your schools data extracts with Groupcall Xporter Dashboard. Our support desk platform provides your team with the tools to monitor the status of each Xporter install in your estate and uses 'traffic light' visualisation to easily identify those schools with potential issues.

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