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    Xporter provides a flexible solution that can run in each school, a centrally hosted MIS or a web based MIS. Xporter is able to extract the required information from multiple MIS systems and transfer it securely and in a uniformed format to the LA.

    Xporter can extract virtually any information from your school’s MIS including:

    - Core student information
    - Attendance (sessional and lesson)
    - Timetable
    - Assessment
    - Behaviour
    - Medical
    - Parental contacts
    - Staff
    - Photos
    - Classes
    - Groups

    Xporter Data Collection in your LA
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    Most Multi-school academy trusts use Xporter

    Xporter provides a flexible solution that can run in each school, a centrally hosted MIS or a web based MIS. Xporter is able to extract the required information from multiple MIS systems and transfer it securely and in a uniformed format to the Academy Groups and/or Local Authority.

    Xporter can extract virtually any information from your school’s MIS including:

    - Core student information, Attendance (sessional and lesson), Timetable, Assessment, Behaviour, Medical, Parental contacts, Staff, photos, classes and groups

    Xporter Data Collection in your LA
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    Groupcall Xporter is used by many third-party organisations to automate data provisioning within their own software. Not only does Xporter reduce the burden on school’s administration, it also means our partner’s software is quicker to implement, data accuracy is improved and the impact on support is reduced.

    Xporter On Demand Portal
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    Groupcall IDaaS is an education focused Identity Management platform that provides a collection of services including Single Sign-on, Active Directory provisioning, O365 + GAPPS Provisioning and a foundation for establishments embarking on or considering a Cloud strategy.

    Identity Management made easy
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    Norfolk County Council's ambition to provide schools with World Class ICT has been directly supported by Groupcall on a number of occasions.

    Together we have delivered some very exciting, leading projects that take advantage of the Xporter product combined with the Systems Interoperability Framework.

    We are benefiting from efficiency gains and real savings through the provision of an open interoperability architecture, which Groupcall technology has enabled, allowing new and legacy applications to simply plug in!

    Norfolk County Council
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    I would consider Groupcall to be one of the most supportive and pro-active companies that I have worked with over the years. They are very receptive to customer feedback and have a genuine understanding of data requirements within the education sector.

    Warwickshire County Council
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    Groupcall are the most sociable and accommodating provider I have been associated with over the years. The friendliness, honesty and openness of the staff is second to none. It is very rare that a company exhibits all these characteristics.

    Groupcall has amassed a group of staff who are enthusiastic and passionate about their products, encourages and shows an openness to feedback from its clients on areas where the product can enhanced to best meet their needs. The company has demonstrated its commitment to its customers by reshaping itself into a model that can meet the demand and growth in its products while still maintaining access to its core staff.

    The Groupcall Xporter product is ground-breaking. When introduced, it was the only product I was aware of that provided a reliable means to automatically push data from various school management information systems (MIS) and submit securely to the Local Authority.

    The Xporter has since realised tremendous growth in features and controls afforded to the Local Authority on how it manages data flow from the School MIS. It has now become the total solution I needed to help me manage, from my desktop, the flow of information from our schools to the Local Authority, as and when required.

    Justin Joseph
    IT, Data & Infrastructure Manager
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    Since 2005, Groupcall Xporter has been successfully used in all Birmingham schools to extract pupil data on a weekly basis from both Serco Facility and SIMS.Net Management Information Systems.

    Over this period we have found Groupcall to act as a true partner supporting Service Birmingham delivering services to schools. They have proven to be responsive to the changing LA data requirements and MIS systems development. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Groupcall for the quality of software and customer service.

    Karen Crowston
    Head of policy
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    Bristol City Council has been using Groupcall to provide automated data transfer solutions for a number of years. The reason we use the Groupcall Xporter is because it enables data extraction and imports automatically from a number of council databases. Xporter has shown to be easy to install, easy to use and fit for purpose, plus configurable to support the ever changing data requirements.

    The Groupcall support has been excellent and delivered promptly providing query solutions nearly always the same day, unless the call was logged towards the end of a day. Groupcall has proved they can work closely with the local authority in providing all the services expected including consultancy, product development/delivery, support and knowledge of their customers’ needs plus being aware of government legislation.

    Steve Ralph
    MIS Manager


Groupcall Xporter provides an automated solution to securely collect and deliver data to a chosen location or system. The system allows the Local Authorities, Academy Groups and 3rd party organisations to define what data is collected and how frequently.

Xporter runs in each school to extract the required information from the MIS system and transfer it securely and in a uniform format to the desired location regardless of the source MIS type.

The solution is currently installed in over 17,000 UK schools and is used by over 65 Education Authorities and academy groups, as well as being the data provisioning agent for over 60 3rd party commercial customers.

Once installed, the Xporter client requires no further maintenance as its built-in update facility ensures it is never more than 4 hours out of sync with the very latest version of your data extraction specification.


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