xporter Benefits: automated data collection

Automated Managed Data Collection

The Xporter definition editor creates a digitally signed file which is installed in each school to define what data is collected, when it is collected and where it is securely sent. Xporter monitors these files to protect them from being tampered with, which if detected, the system automatically disables.

Built-in Scheduler

Groupcall Xporter runs its scheduler automatically in the background as a Windows service and collects data as specified in the definition file. Extracts can be scheduled to any requirement, although with fresh data at your fingertips most of our customers choose to obtain their latest data weekly or even nightly:

  • Multiple times a day
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Termly
  • Annually
  • On-demand

Data Queries

Data can be selected from many MIS systems (including all versions of) Capita SIMS, Pearson e1, Serco Facility/CMIS, Serco Progresso, RM’s Integris and G2 / S2, &, Click & Go using centrally-defined SQL statements.

The data that Xporter can extract varies by MIS system, according to what data that system stores and the method used to access it. Groupcall Xporter can also interface with any system that presents data via ODBC, XML web service or even CSV.

Data Reports

Data fields defined in the definition file are output to a result file in CSV or XML format (including CTF Files). There can be any number of reports per installation.

Data Transmission

Each data report (including filename based on School name, LA code and DCSF number, or any other requirement) can be copied to a pre-defined location (e.g. corporate network) or sent via MAPI or SMTP to the pre-defined e-mail address taken from the definition file. Each report can have a different delivery location or e-mail address. Groupcall Xporter is compatible with AVCO Anycomms and Anycomms plus secure delivery environment and can trigger an Anycomms data transfer automatically. If required, data reports can be encrypted using Public/Private key 128bit encryption (RSA) which is specified by the LA and stored within the definition file.

Where you have a receiving web service, Groupcall are able to author an Xporter client for this service or even propose a generic web service for you to develop to receive files. Xporter can also transfer files via WebDAV and FTP on internal networks.


Xporter runs as a service in the background meaning that users can continue using their systems whilst Xporter is operating. No user input or action is required.

Installation and program updates

Xporter comes with a complete installation routine and video installation guide. Program updates are automatically downloaded from the Groupcall website within 3 hours of release. For our LA and Academy Group customers installation is usually organised through your technical team; for third party providers we usually find that they either provide schools with installation instructions or carry out installations as part of remote training. Groupcall will provide simplistic installation guides for each extract which can be issued to any number of schools with a typical installation taking less than 15 minutes. You can of course customise these guides with your own branding and surrounding content if you wish.

Once installation has been completed, no further involvement is typically required at school level. Alternatively, Groupcall offers a per-school remote installation service if required.


Experienced Groupcall staff will install the Xporter system and provide initial training. Support is available 24/7 which includes on-going training at no additional charge. We work closely with you to maximise the benefits of the system.

You can remotely monitor and manage your Xporter estate with Groupcall Dashboard. Using traffic light indicators and visual representation you can quickly and easily identify failed extracts and drill down into Xporter logs to diagnose and resolve the issue from your desk.

Academy Groups

Groupcall has developed a range of tools enabling Academy Groups to automatically centralise and aggregate school MIS data. Groupcall Xporter, XVault, XVault Reporting and Dashboard provide an end-to-end solution built around supporting the need to access ‘near real time’ data for a wide range of reports and to drastically reduce the administrative burden of accessing data from multiple schools. As Groupcall supports all major UK MIS vendors, we can also provide a solution for those with a mixed economy of MIS systems across their entire estate.

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