The powerful monitoring and instant reporting tool used to
monitor volume and freshness of data

Groupcall Dashboard has been created to monitor the health of schools using Xporter and to carry out remedial and configuration actions. Dashboard features a unique heartbeat function that monitors your school's data flow and installation health. Using an intuitive traffic light system, you will have the ability to easily spot where there are issues and drill down into individual schools so the problems can be investigated and resolved i.e. if data has not been delivered over the last 24 hours.

Dashboard gives you the ability to provide a pro-active support function to your schools instantly reporting on those schools where the extract has been received successfully or has failed. It will then give you the means to usually resolve the issue without remote access to school being required. This is particularly useful if you wish to re-run the job ‘now’ or if you wanted to force a full data extract from the MIS, rather than just the changes.

You will have complete control of access rights for other authority staff and the school users, depending on their role and function.

At a glance you will have the ability to:

  • See the status of all Xporter installs
  • See all Xporter extracts running in each school
  • See an overview of all Xporter actions.

Repeatable, Auditable, Mass Configuration

As well as allowing you to make remote configuration changes to single Xporter installations using Dashboard Rollout Manager you can also carry out a large number of activities across multiple schools in one go, such as running jobs, resetting deltas, making configuration changes, restarting services and checking for software updates. Just pick the schools you want to include and apply the action to them all. Dashboard Rollout Manager will then show you whether the action has been carried out for each school and the action audit log for watch school will show the activity details.

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