xporter FAQs

What does Xporter actually do?

Groupcall Xporter is a software tool that enables scheduled, automated collection of data from school MIS systems and offers the option to have this data automatically or manually transferred to the location of your choice or to Groupcall XVault.

Do I need any additional hardware?

Groupcall Xporter will work on the same server as your existing administration system. No dedicated hardware is required.

Is it secure?

Of course! Groupcall Xporter extract specifications are protected by encryption on the server Xporter is installed on. All data transfers take place over SSL/TLS secured connections.

What type of data can I extract?

Any number of reports can collect data at different frequencies to automate data collection. Groupcall Xporter has been used for the following data collection tasks: Report Current Pupils on roll Leavers Report (since last leavers report), and Monitor any changes to standard pupil data. Xporter runs in each school to extract the required information from the MIS system and deliver it securely, in a uniform format to your receiving systems or to your Groupcall XVault installation.

Do I have to extract the same data every time?

Groupcall Xporter has been uniquely designed to provide you with the capability of extracting multiple sets of data from multiple locations and for your convenience these can be specified within their own individual jobs, which can in turn be scheduled to run with their own date and time parameters.

Not only can each job consist of multiple tasks, but each job may be written by different departments who may require different data in a different format. These can all be easily specified and manipulated to allow you to obtain exactly the information you need, when you need it.

Who is using Groupcall Xporter and can it benefit Academy Groups?

Groupcall Xporter has been provided to Local Authorities, Academy Groups and 3rd Party organisations throughout the UK and Europe.

Yes! Groupcall has developed a range of tools enabling Academy Groups to automatically centralise and aggregate school MIS data. Groupcall Xporter, XVault, XVault Reporting and Dashboard provide an end-to-end solution built around supporting the need to access ‘near real time’ data for a wide range of reports and to drastically reduce the administrative burden of accessing data from multiple schools. As Groupcall supports all major UK MIS vendors, we can also provide a solution for those with a mixed economy of MIS systems across their entire estate.

Where is the software installed?

Groupcall Xporter is a Microsoft Windows service which is installed in each school, which then performs jobs as defined in a definition file.

How is the software installed?

We will help guide you through the installation process. We have remote support facilities that allow us to connect to your individual sites to ensure that the application has been correctly configured to ensure the successful extract of your data and delivery to its intended location.

How is the software maintained?

Groupcall Xporter benefits from an Auto Update mechanism that allows you to take advantage of any enhancements made to the operation of the software and also to any configuration changes that you make to the reports that you require, once installed, you can almost sit back and wait for the data to be delivered. The auto update facility can be completely managed by our team of experienced staff, who will lead and direct you to ensure that the service is running as smoothly as possible and ensure that the data collected reaches the correct place at the correct time.

If you have any further questions that are not shown in this section, please contact us on: 020 8506 6100.

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