Xporter Features: Monitoring School & Pupil Data

Originally created as a Local Education Authority solution to automatically and securely collect data from schools and deliver it to the Authorities' central systems, Xporter allows Local Authorities, Academy Groups or third party solution providers to define what data is collected and how frequently this happens.

Groupcall's Xporter MIS data extraction tool runs in each school to extract the required information from multiple MIS systems and transfers it securely and in a uniform format to your systems. You instruct us on the data that you require from your schools and subject to data protection/consent requirements, we can transfer this data to you on schedule. This ensures that you always have the latest data to work with, whether it is for tracking in care students who haven't arrived at school, monitoring assessment progress or ensuring that cashless catering knows which students have free school meals today.

Xporter can extract virtually any information* from your MIS including:

  • Core student information, including photos where available
  • Attendance (sessional and lesson)
  • Timetable
  • Assessment
  • Behaviour
  • Medical
  • Parental contacts
  • Staff, classes and groups

* Field availability varies by MIS. Groupcall integrates with all UK MIS products. You can use Xporter to extract all information or changes only (including deletions) and send extracts securely to agreed secure locations using methods such as web services or WebDAV. Schedules can be set to extract and send information any time of the day or night or on demand and can randomise to ensure that workload on your platforms is spread across a wider window to avoid peaks.

Groupcall Xporter allows data extraction from the following MIS systems:

  • Capita SIMS
  • Advanced Learning Facility
  • Advanced Learning Progresso
  • RM Integris G2/S2
  • Bromcom
  • iSAMS
  • ScholarPark
  • Arbor
  • Double First Engage
  • SchoolBase
  • XVault*

Currently supported SIF/XVault Agents:

  • Capita SIMS
  • Advanced Learning Facility CMIS
  • Advanced Learning Progresso
  • RM Integris G2
  • XVault*

*Groupcall can provide Xporter extracts from the aggregated data in XVault itself and also have a generic agent that can be used if your establishment does not have one of the above systems, but your database is local. We provide guidance on creating 'views' on the database which presents the data in a standard format, from which we can then extract.

Groupcall Xporter runs on all current versions of Microsoft Windows, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2003 - 2012 in 32 or 64-bit installations on physical or virtual servers.

Groupcall also provide access to Dashboard, our versatile support desk tool which gives you the ability to provide proactive monitoring and support functions for your schools. A live ‘traffic light’ view of installation health instantly reports on schools where your data extract has been successful or has encountered an error. Using Dashboard you can restart a job remotely and force full data extracts from within the MIS rather than just the changes.

If you would like to see a demo of Dashboard, please contact us: 020 8506 6100.

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