How it Works

xporter: How it Works

Xporter is a Microsoft Windows-based application which is installed alongside each MIS database performing tasks that are easily set up by the user in a “definition file”. Installation is very simple, taking just a matter of minutes and, once running, the system requires little intervention or support.

Xporter has been used for various data collection tasks including:

  • Report current pupils on roll (including sessional attendance, SEN, exclusions etc.)
  • Leavers report (since last leavers report)
  • Monitor any changes to standard pupil data
  • Student provisioning
  • Identity management
  • Free School Meal Entitlement
  • Fields removed from census

Data can be retrieved in a number of formats, including MAPI email; SMTP email; copied to a directory (such as a corporate network or WAN), or through secure data transfer software such as AnyComms from AVCO.

Authoring your Groupcall extracts is a streamlined process, we ask you to explain what you require and if possible provide some samples for us to understand. We’ll then feed back to you what is available from the different MIS systems you want integration with and make any suggestions about changes to your output format to avoid any potential pitfalls and to ensure that they are optimised for best delivery based on our historic experiences. Once a specification is agreed we carry out development against it and provide a sample output for you to validate, then carry out an end-to-end upload test from our own MIS testing servers to your platforms. Once successful we guide you through your first few pilot schools and provide you with all the information and training you need to deploy Xporter to your customers.

If you find your extraction needs change then we allow for a number of changes per year as part of your subscription, you need only ask!

3rd Party Provisioning

In addition to providing school level data to many local authorities, Groupcall Xporter is also used by many 3rd party organisations for automated data provisioning. Each 3rd party has a unique extract created that delivers the required data (either full data sets or changes since last delivery) directly to the organisations' systems. Once data sharing agreement between the school and the software provider is in place, the information is typically updated daily, and regardless of the originating MIS the information is constantly delivered in the correct unified information. See, ‘Compatibility’ to see what companies use our service.

Academy Groups

Groupcall has developed a range of tools enabling Academy Groups to automatically centralise and aggregate school MIS data. Groupcall Xporter, XVault, XVault Reporting and Dashboard provide an end-to-end solution built around supporting the need to access ‘near real time’ data for a wide range of reports and to drastically reduce the administrative burden of accessing data from multiple schools. As Groupcall supports all major UK MIS vendors, we can also provide a solution for those with a mixed economy of MIS systems across their entire estate.

Data Sharing Agreement

We all understand the importance of data security, if you are currently using our system to extract school level data we need to ensure that you have an up-to-date and relevant data sharing agreement in place with all of our schools. Please kindly complete our quick questionnaire below, once you have made your selection please click the submit button. We will be in contact to update records accordingly.

Data Sharing Agreement Questionnaire

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