groupcall IDAAS

What is Groupcall IDaaS?

Groupcall’s IDaaS (Identity-as-a-Service) is an Identity Management, Single Sign-on, Directory and Application Provisioning solution.

Why should you consider Groupcall IDaaS?

In most schools the Management Information System (MIS) holds the golden record for the latest information about your students, teaching & support staff and the different groups that they belong to – e.g. year, class and special interest groups.

Schools have to maintain their MIS with this information and having Groupcall’s IDaaS means that you no longer need to duplicate this effort for many other systems – Microsoft’s Office 365, Google Apps, learning platforms, cashless catering, behavioural management, attendance, biometrics, etc.

IDaaS talks securely to school level management information systems in near real-time to automatically:

  • Provision your community and their curriculum structure into your favourite cloud services.
  • Synchronise users, groups and access credentials in your Active Directory (AD).
  • Deliver true and standards-based Single Sign-on (SSo).
  • Hold a persistent identity across time and place boundaries.

IDaaS has been designed so that users can exist in multiple roles, across multiple schools, using only one set of access credentials – username and password. For example, a user can be in a parent role in one school and a teacher at another, but still have a Single Sign-on. A learner will be automatically assigned to the groups and their relevant permissions as updated by the school MIS – they can even retain their Single Sign-on when moving from school to school.

A teacher will be automatically allocated to their curriculum classes and groups in subscribing systems such as Office 365, Google Apps, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), etc. When the end of year rollover procedures occur in the MIS, IDaaS seamlessly handles the process without any manual intervention.

And what do we mean by community?

IDaaS isn’t just limited to a school’s learner and workforce community. We’ve solved access for parents too. Our parent access solution is innovative and unique.

Parents can securely validate themselves and then elect to use their preferred social login, whether that be – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google or many others.


Security and privacy is paramount. Groupcall takes security, privacy and quality extremely seriously.

For this reason we have gone to considerable lengths to ensure that our operational business and all of our services, including IDaaS, maintain the highest levels of security, privacy and quality. We are proud to be both ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and ISO 9001:2008 accredited. This requires us to ensure that our processes and procedures are regularly reviewed and independently audited to comply with international standards for security and quality. Furthermore, all of our staff are Disclosure and Barring checked ((DBS)formally CRB). We extend our commitment to security to our chosen cloud-hosting partner. Microsoft’s Windows Azure is also ISO/IEC 27001:2005 accredited. IDaaS resides in the Northern Europe Azure cloud and your data does not leave the EU thereby conforming with UK legislation including the Data Protection Act (DPA) protect it. Groupcall Limited is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).

Why do we need Single Sign-on?

There are at least 5 major benefits to embracing a Single Sign-on (SSo) solution. Groupcall’s IDaaS supports most SSo standards including Shibboleth 2.0 – the UK education standard, OAuth 2.0, SAML 2.0 and WS-Federation.

  1. When you connect to a new website, application, or service provider using SSo standards, your username and password is not shared with, or stored in, that provider’s system. Thereby ensuring that , your ID and password stays safe in the event your systems is compromised.
  2. It is good practice, to create a complex password and change it often. With the Single Sign-on model, you can do this just once and in one place resulting in all of your other online presences adopting the same change.
  3. Should you system be compromised, you only have to change it once, No need to try to remember what you’ve signed up for and how to get there!
  4. The burden of managing hundreds of user accounts across many different systems is solved.

Since its launch, IDaaS has become the preferred identity management and SSo solution for many organisations and ICT service providers.

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