Third Party Data Provisioning

Third Party School Data Provisioning

Groupcall Xporter is used by many third-party organisations for
automated data provisioning within their software.

Not only does this reduce the burden on school’s administration it also means our partner’s software is quicker to implement, data accuracy is improved and the impact on support is reduced.

Each of our partners has a unique extract created that delivers only the required data they need in order for their systems to operate efficiently. Once a data sharing agreement between the school and the third-party is in place, the information is typically updated daily, regardless of the originating MIS. Xporter does all the heavy lifting from data extraction to translation in order to match the requirements of the third-party software. Already deployed in over 50% of Primary and Secondary schools in the UK, running approximately 10,000 extracts every day, Xporter is a proven, cost-effective and robust choice for many educational software providers.

Xporter is used by the majority of leading educational software suppliers to power their software, which helps schools, academies and LAs maximise their investment, increase usage and lower administrative burden. More and more suppliers continue to partner with Groupcall every week to utilise the power of educational data.

Some of these companies are:

  • Access-IT
  • AdSum4
  • Appening Ltd. (Akadaemia)
  • BioStore
  • Blue Hills Software
  • Boardworks
  • Capita SIMS
  • Civica Australia (Maze)
  • Classroom Monitor
  • Collabco (MyDay)
  • Compubits
  • Core ECS
  • DB Primary
  • Different Class
  • Earwig
  • Echori
  • EduKey
  • eSchools
  • Etech StudyWiz
  • GCSE Pod
  • it's Learning
  • ITWorx
  • Logic Software
  • Meritec
  • Milk
  • Mimeo (Honeycomb ePlanner)
  • Micro Librarian Systems
  • Myflo
  • Nelson Thornes
  • Netmedia
  • Oxford Computer Group
  • Pearson Fronter (NI)
  • Perspective (CLM)
  • Primary Essence
  • Prime Principle (Classroom Monitor)
  • Pupil Asset
  • RM Learning Platform
  • Salford Software
  • School Software Co.
  • Schools ICT
  • Show My Homework
  • Softlink
  • sQuid
  • SWGfL - Merlin
  • Synetric (Open Hive)
  • Synetrix
  • UniServity
  • Updata
  • Vivo Miles
  • Waveprint
  • Web based
  • Wisepay


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