XVault Reporting for Local Authorities

Key features of Groupcall XVault Reporting

  • A window onto your aggregated School MIS data from one central location
  • Detailed student profiles providing users with a view on pertinent information including behaviour, exclusions, attendance, achievements, contact information and timetable
  • Extensive Library of pre-written reports for Attendance, Exclusions, Admissions, LAC, FSM and Troubled Families indicator reports
  • Bespoke reports can be created and saved by users within their own profile, ensuring quick access to important and frequently required school and pupil data
  • User profiles can be ‘locked down’ to only display school and pupil data relevant to their roles within the Authority
  • XVault Reporting is web based and is accessible from any browser, ideal for Virtual Schools and Education Welfare Officers
  • Email notifications inform users to changes in MIS data relevant to their needs. E.g. persistent absences, newly registered FSM pupils, exclusions and new pupils registered at a school

How will XVault Reporting benefit your Local Authority?

  • Aggregated attendance reports updated twice daily
  • Reports that provide an insight into troubled families and early intervention data
  • Tools to help track children across the authority who are missing in education
  • Reporting on near ‘real time’ MIS data across your school estate
  • Intuitive user interface designed to support non-technical members of staff
  • Reports that are automatically updated via Xporter and XVault
  • Web based access to aggregated MIS data from any location
  • Creation of reports that align with your Authorities school data strategies
Monitoring your Xporter estate

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