Introducing The Scomis Desktop

The complete toolkit designed to help teachers streamline their workload in and out of the classroom.

About Scomis:

Scomis partners with schools to offer innovative, high quality ICT services that add value and matter to our customers.  Our aim is to help our customers achieve effective and efficient use of ICT that delivers best value and supports improved outcomes for all. Based in Devon, we work with over 730 schools across 27 local authorities nationwide.


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What is The Scomis Desktop?

The Scomis Desktop is a secure cloud-based system that automatically synchronises with your school’s management information system. It allows teachers to quickly perform core tasks such as taking registers, assigning achievement and behaviour points, and recording detentions.

The Scomis Desktop is simple to learn and easy to use. Teachers can quickly input seating plans which can be customised for individual lessons, and view timetables and reports to spot trends relating to attendance, behaviour and achievement.

It can be accessed anywhere, anytime with any modern browser on a tablet sized device or PC, making it the ideal solution for teachers working outside the classroom or who want to work from home to complete reports, assessments and mark sheets.

In addition, your school’s other third-party applications (such as homework or library systems) can integrate into The Scomis Desktop eco-system to take advantage of single sign-on.

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Benefits of using The Scomis Desktop:

  • Quick, easy and secure access to student information, anytime, anywhere across a range of devices.
  • GDPR compliant - no need to produce paper lists which include personal and confidential information.
  • Fully integrates with the Scomis SIMS Hosted Application Service.
  • Removes the barriers to using SIMS effectively in the classroom as teachers are not required to access SIMS directly.
  • Fully intuitive interface.
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Features of The Scomis Desktop:

  • Easy to use interface showing each student in your classroom, laid out in your current seating plan.

  • Save paper and reduces costs while significantly reducing the risk of data breaches from using paper registers.

  • Easily take attendance outside the classroom in a PE class or on a school trip.

  • Create and export in-depth analytics reports showing behaviour and absence patterns.  

  • Pulls data securely from Capita SIMS and writes back to SIMS automatically.
Easy attendance
Take attendance in as little as 30 seconds using all of your usual SIMS codes. 
Full integration
Pull information directly from SIMS and write back to SIMS automatically.
Take attendance, record incidents, and input grades wherever you are.
Fully secure
Avoid using paper and prevent potential data breaches.

What schools are saying about The Scomis Desktop:


It’s really clear and straight forward to take attendance registers and easy to find good information about individual students, such as their particular needs or if there are particular sub-groups of students that teachers may be interested in.

- Kristien Carrington, Interim Headteacher at Sir James Smith's Community School.

Sir James Smith's Community School in Cornwall.

We spoke with Interim Headteacher Kristien Carrington to find out how The Scomis Desktop has benefited the school.

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