Exploring the importance of parental engagement for schools

Most children have two main educators in their lives – their parents and their teachers. While both have crucial roles to play, it’s important that the influence of the parent as an educator doesn’t end when the child is in formal education. Download the eBook for instant insights.

Schools can help parents develop this role by building meaningful school-home relationships and encouraging ongoing parental involvement and communication.

Studies show that the need for strong family involvement starts when children are in nursery, continuing right through to the end of their secondary education.

Many studies have been conducted to help identify the link between parental engagement and academic success of the pupil, as well as a greater achievement of the child’s potential when analysing extra-curricular aspects. This in turn can lead to improvements in the school’s overall performance.

The Research is unequivocal – parental involvement in their child’s education improves outcomes - Emma Williams, PTA UK, 2016

Developing your parental engagement strategy

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