Frequently asked questions about Groupcall Xporter.

General - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Xporter on Demand (XoD)?

Xporter On Demand (XoD) is an advanced on-demand API platform for accessing Management Information System (MIS) data within schools.

It supports multiple MIS providers, write-back with other technical and commercial benefits over the established Xporter service, already in use across approx. 20,000 schools.

What are the benefits of using Xporter on Demand (XoD)?

XoD permits you to access multiple MIS platforms through one single API.

This vastly reduces your development and maintenance for integration, whilst also saving costs from managing or subscribing to multiple MIS partner schemes.

Will I save money by using Xporter on Demand (XoD)?

Yes, over 100 software suppliers already use Groupcall services for this very reason.

Is there anything I have to install?

The school may have to install or make changes to its existing Xporter service, but we support them in this process.

Which Management Information Systems (MIS) do you support?

XoD is built on the foundations of Xporter, which supports all major UK MIS and subject to the breadth or each API or other officially supported integration method.

How is this different to Xporter?

Groupcall Xporter produces a data file and that file is read by the relying partner at given intervals.

Xporter on Demand (XoD) provides greater flexibility, resilience and more control to our partners as you can now dictate how often, how much and when to recieve data as need dictates, without prior administration by Groupcall.

As there are also efficiency gains for Groupcall, we can offer greater value such as support for your integrated schools. 

See our developer FAQs for a more comprehensive overview of the technical benefits.


Do I have to move to Xporter on Demand (XoD) if I currently use Xporter?


Existing partners can choose to migrate or continue with Xporter. Support and maintenance for partners utilising Xporter will continue as for the foreseeable future. 

How do I set this up in a school?

Xporter on Demand (XoD) is designed to be easy to install for schools under a self-service model and they can request support directly from Groupcall if required.

However, if you wish, we can provide guidance and documentation so that your support team can also assume responsibility for this process.

Will Groupcall support schools directly?

Yes, within the scope of integration.

We do not provide any 3rd party product assistance and support tickets pertaining to a non-Groupcall product will be referred to the vendor/reseller.

What is an 'active school'?

We class an active school as one that has successfully transmitted data within the last three months at the point of billing.

Schools that your schools does not request, or fails to query any data from for longer than three months will be classed as dormant and subsequently not counted toward your Xporter on Demand (XoD) license at the point of renewal.

Consequently, if you never query a school for data (even if a school issues you with an API key) this will also be excluded from billing calculations, so as to ensure you only pay for what you use.


What do you mean by 'marketing support' for Enhanced partners?

Groupcall will promote such partners over social media, on the company website and directly to thousands of schools currently using the Messenger platform.

What is the XoDa Scheme?

Companies classified as a start-up according to criteria set by Groupcall are eligible for a special discounted rate across the normal Xporter on Demand (XoD) tiers.

At the Core level, you only pay a set up charge and nothing further to pay until you exceed 10 schools or no longer meet the necessary criteria.

Other tiers are reduced to offer favourable pricing to help encourage adoption and innovation of new education software. 

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