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Groupcall Emerge

Taking Registration is easy on Apple iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 devices*

Taking Attendance

You can take attendance by name, year/group, staff, MIS groups (including AM or PM session registers for custom groups of students) or by house (if applicable).

Using the traffic light system, click in the pink area (left) to mark students absent, click in the white area (middle) to assign the appropriate attendance mark and click in the green area (right) to mark students present. You can mark all students in bulk by clicking the 'Mark All' button in the top right hand corner and then choosing the relevant mark to assign.

Student Details

Select the 'Students' module from the home screen.

You are then able to view students by name, year/reg/group, subject, timetable, custom group or house (if applicable).

Simply select the chosen student to see a student record that gives you an overview of attendance, timetables, subjects, parent/guardian contact details, medical and behavioural information as well as MIS flags and current lesson information. From this record you can also access direct contact methods either from the device itself or via integration with Messenger v5.

Student Timetable

You are able to view the timetable (including a weekly view) for both students and staff.

The current session is always shown in green and at the touch of a few buttons you are easily able to locate students or members of staff.

Emerge at a glance

  • Available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows 8.1 (*tablets and computers)
  • Take registration wherever you are perfect for PE departments and whilst on school trips or for staff based in areas of the school without Wi-Fi coverage
  • Emergency contact in the event of fire evacuation or other emergency
  • Totally portable
  • Take registration in approx. 35 seconds and not the estimated 8 minutes
  • Dinner Registration - enabling Primary schools to take dinner and attendance registers at the same time (requires the SIM Dinner Money module to work)
  • Fire Registration - easily identifies students for simple and fast emergency register taking. Registers are saved to the device and students who are expected to be present but marked as absent are highlighted for ease of identification to emergency personnel
  • Help-Me button - an emergency alerting facility to be used to easily request help in the event of an emergency (medical or otherwise) inside or outside the classroom
  • Assessment write-back for SIMS - enabling you to save assessment marks against a given mark sheet, anytime, anywhere
  • Completely secure
  • All information at your fingertips contacts, attendance, assessment, minutes late, absence notes, timetables, medical information, behavioural and achievement data
  • Photographic and video evidence capability with write-back to SIMS
  • Updates your MIS system in real time
  • Provides the ability to take attendance in both online and offline mode
  • Registration can be taken simply with Emerge and written directly back to the school's MIS.


  • Only works with registered devices
  • Further secured by the combination of username, password and passcode
  • Additionally, users can be disabled by the school providing lock out to that user or device
  • Passwords can be set to be required hourly
  • The passcode is required every time the app is opened
  • Data encrypted for device and user
  • Device can be remotely deactivated and all data wiped if required using third party tools such as 'find my phone' or 'android device manager'
  • Sensitive data within the app is encrypted using strong AES encryption keyed on both the device and the user therefore enforcing 2 factor authentication.

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