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    Emerge App

    Emerge empowers users to have their core MIS data available wherever they are (online and offline), even in another country while on a school trip. So if the unexpected happens, all the information they need including attendance, assessment (write-back), timetables, student and parent contact details, minutes late, absence notes, medical, behavioural and achievement data is at their fingertips.

    Online, offline, anywhere, anytime
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    You can take attendance by name, year/reg, subject, house (if applicable), custom MIS groups along with dinner registration. Simply select students and choose your appropriate attendance group.

    You can mark all present by clicking the ‘Mark All’ button in the top right hand corner. Using the traffic light system, click in the pink area to mark any students absent, click in the white area to assign the appropriate attendance mark and click in the green area to mark students present.

    Online, offline, anywhere, anytime
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    You are able to view the timetable (including a weekly view) for both students and staff.

    The current session is always shown in green and at the touch of a few buttons you are easily able to locate students or members of staff.

    Online, offline, anywhere, anytime
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    You can find students by name, year/reg, subject, timetable group, house (if applicable) or custom MIS groups

    You can see an overview of attendance, plus information on timetables/subjects, parent/guardian contact details, medical details, behavioral issues, achievements and assessment information.

    Online, offline, anywhere, anytime
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    “I have found it invaluable when meeting parents. I can show them behaviour, achievement and attendance information, when we are talking and looking up other relevant information it is immediate. It is great for taking registration on-the-go!"

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    “We would recommend Emerge to anyone who is looking for a mobile registration solution. It will definitely increase their usable lesson time and overall teaching flexibility."

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    “If you came to our school and wanted the system back, I’m afraid I wouldn’t let you take it. Our staff and support team love it!"

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    “Best thing since sliced bread!"

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    “Emerge has revolutionised the way we take registers. It is really beneficial to the efficient running of the school with all information at your fingertips."

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    “It’s great for assembly or in other areas where we don’t have laptop access as it’s quick and easy to use over Wi-Fi."

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    “Emerge is very versatile in that it runs quite happily on a cross section of devices i.e. Apple and Android. The devices will automatically connect to the network and information about students can be accessed easily and quickly."

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    “Easy, efficient and fast – everything teaching needs!"

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    “It has enabled us to register PE lessons and improved communication around our very large site."


Groupcall Emerge - the powerful yet intuitive app enabling schools to have an up-to-the-minute copy of their MIS data instantly and securely available in the palm of their hand for access anytime, anywhere. Registration can be taken, student information (timetables, etc.) can be accessed wherever you are, without the need to rely on a desktop PC.

Emerge can be used in an emergency e.g. where the school system may be down or access to the school is restricted, thus ensuring staff and student safety is paramount at all times.


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