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Your Parents Live in a Cashless Society, Do You?

By Lynne Taylor |   Apr 28, 2017

It was soul destroying, trudging around schools up and down the country in the early days showing bursars and office staff my new idea. All were very polite but most simply laughed, saying online payments would never take off in schools.

Technology as an Investment for the Future

By Groupcall |   Apr 25, 2017

As in any organisation, the biggest single expenditure for schools is on staffing costs. Not only teaching staff, but non-teaching staff as well. Technology can help, although we are not suggesting that the school office staff be replaced by robots.

Managing School Trips Effectively

By Kieran Layer |   Apr 20, 2017

School trips can be a very effective way to enhance children’s education. For example, taking a group of kids around a 3D printing company is not the same as watching something similar on Youtube.

Pupil Champions

By Groupcall |   Apr 18, 2017

How do you encourage kids to become more responsible? By giving them some responsibilities. This consideration is one of the reasons that some schools have ‘digital champions’ — youngsters who are able to help teachers out when technology problems arise.

Alienated Parents and How to Improve Relationships

By Kieran Layer |   Apr 13, 2017

A disengaged parent can be simply defined as one who is resistant or unwilling, for whatever reason, to communicate or even associate with the school, despite every effort that is made to bring them into the fold. They can be anything from reclusive to outright hostile, and unless they become more receptive to the school, can become a significant hurdle in their child’s education. In order to improve on the relationship, it is important to understand the possible causes of this attitude in the first place.

How Translation Software Can Help Schools

By Kieran Layer |   Apr 11, 2017

When we are young, our brains are like sponges. We soak up everything around us- knowledge, habits, body language, and most impressively, languages. Growing up in a country that is not native to your parents can give you some unique advantages in life, particularly that of an extra tongue to speak- a skill that can be priceless in later life.

Are Parents Evenings Anachronistic?

By Terry Freedman |   Apr 10, 2017

Are parents evenings anachronistic?

Children with Disruptive Home Lives

By Groupcall |   Apr 06, 2017

David (not his real name) was slumped forward on his desk. To all intents and purposes, he looked like he’d fallen asleep or, worse, passed out.

Tools to Run a Good Parents' Evening

By Groupcall |   Apr 04, 2017


Getting Your Emails Opened

By Terry Freedman |   Apr 03, 2017

You might think that every parent will open every school email. After all, it’s bound to be something that concerns the welfare of their child. But you’d be wrong. Even if people are completely committed to opening the school’s emails, they may not do so, for a number of reasons.

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