According to a recent survey by The Guardian, 43% of teachers are planning to quit the profession in the near future due to ever-increasing workloads.

This leads us to ask: Is a work-life balance realistically achievable for teachers?

The Teacher Workload Crisis

There is a significant body of research which evidences what education professionals across the country are all very well aware of – teacher workloads are reaching unprecedented heights:


As a result, record numbers of teachers are leaving the profession, with 43% citing ‘heavy workload’ as the reason for wanting to leave within the next five years.

Groupcall Research

Groupcall recently conducted a survey across 2,500 classroom teachers and senior leaders in schools to understand teacher workloads and explore ways technology can help reduce the scale of the problem.

The report that we have published explores:

      • The biggest contributors to workloads.
      • How teachers feel their workload is affecting their lives.
      • How technology can help reduce workload.
      • If teachers believe a work-life balance can exist.
      • Ofsted myth busters to help overcome workload challenges.

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The Need to Increase Teaching Time


So approximately 65% of the average teacher’s time is taken up by administration, logging attendance, minutes late, absence notes, medical, behavioural and achievement data… but it needn’t be.

Admin time can be significantly reduced for both teachers and other staff at the school by utilising education technology effectively.


Increase teaching time

Increased Working Flexibility

Groupcall Emerge  is a powerful platform designed for educators to view and interact with core MIS data anywhere, anytime, across a variety of devices.

Not only does this Emerge streamline core admin tasks, it grants freedom from the confines of school computers, allowing MIS data to be accessed in an easy manner, wherever they are; be it at home or on the go – for example, to securely update marksheets when not on the school site.

By accessing it on any network connected device, Groupcall Emerge can be used out in the field, on school trips, in emergency situations and more. The system is cost-effective, easy to set up and efficient at reducing admin time, meaning more time for teachers to do what they do best – teach.

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Increase Parental Engagement


A concern about parental engagement is that it may actually cause more work, however, providing a great parental engagement strategy is in place, it is proven to have the opposite effect.

The DfE found teachers currently spend over 60% of their time (33%) on tasks such as management, paperwork and working with pupils and parents and recommend an improved communications strategy as a method of reducing teacher workload. 

Schools which use Groupcall Messenger as part of their strategy are able to contact parents in seconds, informing them of students’ behaviour, absence and performance. It also allows schools to organise parents’ evenings and collect payments with ease. 

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Other EdTech Solutions to Reduce Workload


Groupcall also recommends a number of partner companies which have developed EdTech solutions which help reduce teacher workload – these have been published in the Groupcall Teacher Workload Report.

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