About Groupcall

Launched in 2001, Groupcall provides tried, tested and trusted communication, data and identity management solutions to organisations within the education, business and public sectors.



Co-founded by Sir Bob Geldof, Groupcall has been pioneering data management and parental communication since conception.

Child safety and data security are at the heart of our business values, and everything we do is focussed on making children everywhere safer, from contacting parents in an emergency to tracking attendance over time. With a product portfolio that makes managing and processing data from an MIS quick and easy, we provide the complete teacher dashboard, helping staff, students and parents alike.

Messenger allows teachers to easily use the data in their MIS to reach out to the parents of their students. Attendance, behaviour and achievements can all be communicated quickly and efficiently, keeping parents fully engaged in their child’s education.

Xpressions is the corresponding app, run on devices owned by parents. It affords parents visibility of the facts behind their child’s education in real time; accessing timetables and events concerning their child, both positive and negative. The introduction of the app has opened a two-way channel of communication between parents and teachers, taking further steps to get the most for a child’s education.

Emerge grants teachers freedom from the confines of school machines, giving access to MIS data in an easy to consume manner wherever they are, be it at home or on the go. Its automatic synchronisation with management information systems saves hours of administration time, letting teachers focus on the areas that need their attention.

Groupcall Xporter has been designed to reduce the burden on a school’s administration. Extracting information required by Local Authorities and Multi-Academy Trusts from a number of MIS systems, the data is transferred in a single format, allowing for ease of use by all with access. Xporter is also used by third-party organisations for its efficiency and compatibility in data provisioning and allows for more efficient use of our partners’ software. Accuracy is improved, tasks are streamlined and the energy spent on support is reduced.