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Would you like to see how Groupcall Emerge works? Simply click on the video link below and see how Emerge can benefit your school.

If you would like further information on Emerge or would like to speak to an Emerge specialist, please just call us on: 020 8502 7344 or email: emerge@groupcall.com

A full training video is supplied when you subscribe to Emerge.

Groupcall commissioned a DVD showing typical best practise in the event of a school fire. Over 25 Education Authorities and 100 individual schools were consulted to research current procedures used. The purpose of the training video is to show the fire evacuation process, together with the role of the SEMT (Schools Emergency Management Team), how the emergency services respond, the information they require and how a school could communicate with all stakeholders - all made effortless, using Groupcall’s Emerge.

The video is designed to be used as a training tool for staff and students. Its production is a collaboration of Groupcall and Training Scenarios Ltd which combines the crisis management and leadership expertise of Europe’s leading crisis management company (OCTO) with the production skills of TV directors, presenters, cameramen and film editors. With special thanks to the staff and students at The Warriner School in Oxfordshire.