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Emerge for Parents

Groupcall Emerge

Student information automatically pushed directly to the parentís mobile phone!

A unique new service designed to improve parental involvement that allows parents to receive and view information pushed directly to their mobile phones (Apple iOS & Android smart phones) keeping them updated on a wide range of events in close to real time.

The system is completely automated and requires no new process or actions within the school. All information is extracted directly from the schools Management Information System (MIS) and the school decides what information parents may view.

  • Parents will be presented with information for each of their children no matter which school the child is in (assuming each of the school involved are using Emerge.) Parents will be able to click on the required child and drill down into their information.
  • The information available to parents will be exactly the same that is available to teachers. However, there will be notable exceptions to this rule e.g. parents will not be able to see other victims/participants in behaviour/achievement events, or anything else that would impinge on data protection guidelines.
  • Parents will have the ability to receive push notifications to their smart phone. Examples include absences from school, achievement/behavioural events.
  • The push notification events that parents can receive will be configurable i.e. they will be able to choose what they do and donít receive notifications on.
Emerge Parental app Screenshot 2
Emerge Parental app Screenshot 3

If your school would like further information on Emerge for Parents, please just email us on: