MAT Data Analytics

Turn your core data into a valuable resource by accessing world class data analytics that you control.

Your Trust's Data Strategy

Managing a Multi-Academy Trust is a significant challenge. When you start with one or two academies it’s the sort of thing you can achieve relatively informally and organically, but as you grow you start to encounter two structural problems:

    • 1. Visibility
      It becomes harder to see the detail of what’s going on and information starts to creep into silos that require increasing manual work to connect the dots.
    • 2. Consistency
      Many academies procure on an ad hoc basis, which presents challenges when trying to implement a common assessment framework. You might even find yourself with several different MIS products to support too.

Both of these challenges are part of a wider strategic concern that you will want to keep on top of – your data strategy.

Having the right data readily and easily available makes your decisions more effective, it helps you actively measure the impact of policies and changes, and it helps you visibly demonstrate the effectiveness of your Trust to those that hold you accountable.

Your Trust's Pathway to Data Success

Given an increasing amount of information moving around your organisation, how do you continue to support effective reporting as the number of systems and the amount of core data increases as your Trust expands?

Technology is pivotal in helping you make the right strategic decisions for your students, staff and parents, and you should choose something that can scale to support your Trust as it matures and the demands for insights into your organisation’s data increase.

The Groupcall solution will provide a wide range of reporting and analytic tools. You could use machine learning to predict grades based on previous student datasets or even interact with your attendance or staff data using virtual assistant tools like Cortana.

We are already working with many of the largest MATs and are building on our data-enabled MAT Pathway to help your Trust reach a highly effective data analytics ecosystem.


We engage with MATs at the design stage of a data strategy and employ effective processes that focus on the core stages required to deploy an effective plan

Data Analytics

We spoke to a group of Multi-Academy Trusts and found that:

want to make better decisions based on real data.
are technologically unable to access data from academies.
have no combined data for schools' attendance figures.
feel consolidating data would aid their trust in analytics.

Introducing Groupcall Analytics


Using Groupcall Analytics you can quickly gain a MAT-wide view of your performance and metrics, starting with your Academies’ MIS data.  Groupcall will provide deeper data insights into areas such as parental messaging, response rates, payments and meal choices and the most effective 3rd party products used in your academies. 

We’re also building strategic partnerships with leading assessment, finance and HR system providers to bring additional dimensions to your data intelligence.


Data Analytics

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Transparency and interoperability with safe data sharing


Your academies need to be able to easily share data but do it in a safe and audited way – even more so in the brave new world of the GDPR

Groupcall Xporter enables data sharing in almost 70 Multi-Academy Trusts and over 18,000 schools. We also work with over 100 EdTech software partners, including ClassCharts, ClassroomMonitor, CPOMS,, EduKey, Just2easy, Show My Homework – and many more leading names.

Groupcall even offers an Xporter ‘Transparency Portal’ to help you monitor and manage exactly which Groupcall data flows are operating in your Academies.

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