Groupcall Emerge


Always have access to your school’s vital data. Wherever you are. Whenever you need it. Emerge, the complete school management system.

Groupcall Emerge

The school information management system

Available on a whole variety of devices and specially designed to give you the clearest view; Emerge is a complete school management system enabling better decision making by providing the most accurate, up-to-date school information.

Emerge Desktop

Introducing the complete school management system for teachers, enabling quick and easy access to data, as well as useful admin tools – and all with complete connectivity to your school’s MIS. 

Now, all the information you need including school attendance, school assessments, school timetables, student and parent contact details, minutes late, absence notes, medical, behavioural and achievement data is available wherever you are.

school information management system

School MIS Data App

Emerge School App

All the simplicity and convenience of Emerge Desktop – in the very palm of your hand within the school app.

  • Total accessibility - Access your key MIS data when you’re on the move, anywhere, anytime on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Streamlined and intuitive - Clear, simple and attractive design makes it easy to get to the information you need.
  • Getting in sync - Synchronise your key school data and go offline – from taking registers on the playing field to marking assessments on a school trip.

Your essential school data - just a click away

The powerful and intuitive Groupcall Emerge sets you free from the burden of paperwork by swiftly and securely putting all your key information wherever you need it most – on your desktop, laptop, mobile or tablet.



Improve working flexibility


From taking attendance in school, the sports field, school trips, logging behaviour incidents and achievement events, and even or recording assessments, Emerge gives you the flexibility you need.

Increase teaching time


Use Emerge to take registration and save valuable teaching time. Cut paper-based registration from 8 mins to approximately 30 secs with Emerge & gain an extra 2.5 hours teaching time per teacher, per week.


Set up and use with ease


As well as being incredibly simple to set up, Emerge's school management system is extremely straightforward to use, so there is little or no need for any training of staff.





School app

Keep Students Safe


Emerge can be used in an emergency where the school system may be down or access to the school is restricted, ensuring staff and student safety.

school Reports


Emerge enables your school’s leadership team to review analytical information such as attendance, absence and illness across a specific period or a student's record before parents' evening.


Cut Paperwork


Emerge delivers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to basic teacher admin, replacing a whole range of outdated paper-based tasks.

School management

Emerge features

School Assessment

Today’s teachers are mobile but need stable and secure ways to record school assessments and mark sheets into the school MIS. Groupcall Emerge enables teachers to assess at home, in school or even when they’re away on trips.

School Attendance

It’s quick and simple to take school attendance registers with the Groupcall Emerge app. With your MIS data on your mobile or tablet, wherever you are, you can take statutory AM and PM registration in the school, on the playing field and even abroad on trips. When you’re online, the attendance data is written back directly to the school’s MIS.

Behaviour Management in Schools

Emerge also enables you to makes records of Achievement and School Behaviour Management on your device, including supporting media like a video of a bullying event or a photo of good work. Staff can see a list of behaviour events recorded over the last month, providing helpful evidence for discussions with the school leadership team, students and parents.

Comprehensive school data security

Emerge Mobile is completely secure. Designed to work only with registered devices, it encrypts data for the device and the user. Emerge employs security similar to that used by banks, with two-factor authentication to tie users to specific devices, and requires a username, password and passcode.

 Secure School Data Software 

 Emerge security features include:

  • Remote wipe/deactivation
  • 2-Factor authentication
  • AES encryption
  • Time out passwords and passcode
  • Active Directory integration
Part of the Community Brands group: Eduspot's BehaviourWatch

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