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Compare school performance and turn your core data into a valuable resource by accessing world class school data analytics that you control. Target school improvements and overall school performance with Groupcall Analytics.


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Groupcall Analytics

Compare School Performance

Every Trust has challenges – and opportunities – in its path to improve student outcomes and enhance operational efficiency. Now you can compare school performance and can turn your core data into a valuable resources by accessing world class data analytics that you control. With the actionable insights of Groupcall Analytics on your side, you can make better, more informed decisions, and reduce the time and cost of getting to the information you need.

 Making detailed school analysis easy

Groupcall Analytics makes data analysis and aggregation quick, simple and efficient. It enables your Trust’s central management team, school clusters and even individual schools to bring data together from multiple sources for comparative overviews of delivery – or in-depth drill downs on group or individual student and staff performance.

Focus on what matters


Now there’s no need to manually generate weekly reporting spreadsheets. By saving time, you can focus on working with your schools, driving interventions and supporting improvement.


school data


Access the widest pool of data for the most complete reporting. Groupcall Analytics brings together disparate data from your MIS with information from HR, Finance and more. 


school analysis


Explore your Trust’s data without restriction, regardless of the data source, to bring a fresh focus to your day-to-day operations.



school improvement


Identify new ways to boost your success. Groupcall’s proven data extraction & analysis technology gives you the tools to help monitor and improve multiple aspects of your school system, all in one place.


school performance


Compare the effectiveness of academies inside and outside your Trust and get a clearer view of your performance by putting it in the context of national and MAT benchmarks.


Complete capability


Ensure complete oversight of your Trust of LA’s data, even if your schools operate with a mixed MIS or hybrid ICT estate.



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Northampton Primary Academy Trust

"Schools and trusts are successful or not on their decisions and you can’t make good decisions without good information. That’s what having Groupcall Analytics and access to data can do"

 - Tom Rees - Educational Director for NPAT

Read more or watch the video to discover how Groupcall Analytics helps Northampton Primary Academy Trust to better manage and analyse their Trust-wide data.

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Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust

"The biggest change for schools is that now staff know where to intervene."

 - Sir Mark Grundy - Executive Principal at Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust

Watch the video to discover how Groupcall Analytics helps Shireland Collegiate Academy Trust to improve performance, reduce teacher workloads and increase student wellbeing.

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Integrated school data enables a better view

Show how you’re improving outcomes and identify new ways to increase your success with Groupcall Analytics, using real intelligence, not just dashboards. By integrating Groupcall Analytics with other Groupcall products, you can make your core data work smarter as well as harder. 

School Analytics System

  • Integrate Groupcall Messenger parental engagement statistics to add a valuable extra dimension to your data and demonstrate the effectiveness of your communications to your parent community.


  • You can also integrate the usage data from Groupcall Emerge to help you understand more about the daily tasks undertaken by your staff – and where efficiencies and improvements might be made.

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See how Groupcall Analytics can help you generate the most meaningful insights from your raw data.