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    Keeping parents informed

    Messenger gives schools the ability to send personalised text messages (SMS), emails, automated voice calls, push messages and tweets (via Twitter) to the mobile phones and landlines of parents, staff and key contacts. It allows recipients of messages to respond to the school and provides a full audit trail of all communications.


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    integrates with all major UK MIS systems

    Not all messaging systems are the same, Groupcall Messenger integrates directly with all major UK MIS systems. That means you don't have to export from your MIS and upload to your messaging system, it's done for you. Messenger synchronises students, staff, registration groups, attendance and a whole lot more directly with your MIS. This means there is no additional work for the school admin team, the information is always up-to-date and secure.


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    Messenger provides a choice of communication paths for your messages. The obvious ones are SMS and email, but we do more. You can also choose to send automated voice messages to landlines, which is good when chasing persistent absence or even sending letters to parents who don't have a mobile. Groupcall also provide an app called Xpressions for smartphones and tablets, which means you can save money by sending messages via push messages for free.

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    parent app

    A Complete School Communication System

    Groupcall Xpressions allows parents to stay informed about their children’s school progress anytime, anywhere. School alerts, attendance records, behaviour issues, teacher comments and even exam timetables are displayed in an easy to digest format in the app timeline. Parents with more than one child at different schools are even able to view information on their children from within the same app.  And Xpressions saves schools money too – as push notifications are free to send.

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    "We have been using Groupcall's Messenger for some time and have found the system particularly effective throughout the recent snow disruption. Out of our 419 messages sent this morning, only two messages did not arrive and this was because their phones were switched off! I would certainly recommend the use of Groupcall Messenger to other schools as a cost-effective and time-saving method of contacting all parents instantly."

    St. Walburga's Catholic Primary School, Bournemouth
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    “In just 12 months we have contacted 99.7% of parents by text messaging and 86.7% via email through using Groupcall's Messenger. During extreme weather, we were able to contact 1,140 parents and 160 members of staff within 5 minutes of knowing the school was to be closed. Following an evaluation of Messenger has resulted in a resounding saving for the school. Within 12 months, £6,000 has been saved on postage alone with further savings on consumables, time management and reduced telephone calls. We estimate the average operational savings for school to home communication have exceeded £12,000. I would recommend Groupcall Messenger to any school who wishes to improve communication, efficiency and save money!"

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    “They went the extra mile to support all of our needs, and provided an outside of the box service”.

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    “Now that we can contact them in their own language, we can communicate with our families from Poland. Without Groupcall it is much harder to contact these individuals”.

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    "The service has enabled the school to improve attendance figures tremendously. Feedback from parents is very good; they appreciate the fact that they are also informed by text."

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    "The PTA at the school now pays for half of our subscription. They have used the service a lot this year and have seen the positive results. For example, on the day of the summer fair we needed parasols for the stalls as it was a scorching hot day.

    We sent the text to all parents and within 10 minutes, 20 people arrived at the school with their parasols in hand! It was amazing!

    The office staff love the new system – it saves them a huge amount of time and is very useful in emergencies e.g. snow days."

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    "We love it and could not now exist without it – in fact our parents are complaining if we do not send a message to them! When we need to contact parent/carers regarding; urgent cancellation of school activities; school closure; reminders about visits out; best wishes for holidays; thank you to parents for support – the system is excellent."

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    "Most messages are used as a back-up as reminders to parents - we spoil them with this service, but it does lead to greater attendance at meetings etc.

    Therefore ironically leads to greater workload in sending messages but less in dealing with confused parents who have missed out on information/notice of clubs/meetings/etc. But is invaluable in saving time on emergency messages e.g. when it snowed to pass."

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    "Teaching staff used to make phone calls to students. They now have their time freed up to teach! Messenger saves us a lot of time. Students are no longer making phone calls home; it means that there is more time for teaching."

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    "It is quick and efficient. The tracking of the messages allows us to move on and not wait and try again."

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    "Aides contact with parents for school issues i.e. reminders for parent’s evenings, lesson truancy, Duke of Edinburgh events and exam preparation days. It saves a significant amount of time on first day absence and gives me time to make phones calls to PA students."

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    "Makes it easier and quicker to contact parents/staff/governors."

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    "Admin staff time has been released as there is no waiting for people to answer or not answer phones."

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    "It has made work lighter and more efficient and less time consuming."

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    "In terms of attendance, the text message system can cut my amount of paper chase work."


Groupcall Messenger is the communications system of choice for over 5,000 primary and secondary schools within the UK and Europe.

It is a completely online system and allows schools to send personalised (SMS) email, automated voice calls, push messages, printed letter and tweets (via Twitter). Communicate instantly to parents, staff, students or other key contacts within the school community. It can also automatically translate these communications in up to 64 different languages.

Messenger is proven to increase attendance and reduce unauthorised absence, providing an early alert if a child fails to arrive at school. It allows for rapid contact with groups of parents for general messages or in emergency situations. The system dramatically reduces administrative tasks, therefore saving time, cutting phone bills and improving communication between the school and parents.


Parental Engagement in Schools

Most children have two main educators in their lives - their parents and their teachers. While both have crucial roles to play, it's important that the influence of the parent as an educator doesn't end when the child is in formal education.

That's why here at Groupcall we have put together a free eBook for schools which provides readers with academic insight, the benefits of parental engagement, as well as a 10 step guide to implementing a parental engagement strategy at your school.

Get your free copy today >

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