Lawrence Royston

Lawrence Royston
Managing Director

Has twenty years experience in designing software solutions to solve business problems. After a period developing software in a shipping communications software house, Lawrence started a software development company with Joanne Royston and a couple of colleagues.

The company produced the first Windows-based unified messaging and shipbroking database within the shipping community. The company installed software in 50 countries and was a leading provider in the sector.

The company was sold in 2001 to its nearest rival. At the time of sale, the company employed 30 people, had a multi-million pound turnover and had offices in central London. Lawrence was Managing Director.

Lawrence conceived the Messenger product with Joanne and evolved not only the Groupcall product and brand but also relationships with major industry partners. Lawrence deals with design and development for the Groupcall range of products.

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Andrew Mulholland
Marketing Director

On graduating from The University of Glasgow with Honours in Italian and a Masters in Marketing Management, Andrew was drawn to London and the rapidly developing IT industry.  He has been involved with ICT in education since the inception of the National Grid for Learning in the late ‘90s.

Andrew’s experience spans market research, customer satisfaction, product management, communications, business strategy and internet marketing and prior to joining Groupcall, he enjoyed commercial roles in systems integration, telecommunications, data quality, software, manufacturing, security and computer networking businesses.

Andrew is a regular speaker at events, contributor to industry publications and author of papers on a wide range of technology, marketing and educational topics.

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Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof

Although best known for the 1985 Live Aid and 2005 Live 8 concerts, as a rock star with the Boomtown Rats and as a campaigner on a range of issues, Bob Geldof is also a proven businessman.

In addition to being a founding partner of Groupcall, he established the pioneering TV production company, Planet 24. In the late 1990s, he moved into new media, launching the online travel agency site and the mobile portal WapWorld. His current TV production company, Ten Alps, has made a series of high profile documentaries for BBC, Channel 4, Five, Sky One and Discovery.

He was awarded a knighthood in June 1986, and in the last two years has received the Nobel Man Of Peace Award, the MTV Free Your Mind Award and a Brits Lifetime Achievement Award for outstanding contribution to music.

Alex Felton

Alex Felton
Technical Director

An accomplished software developer, Alex has worked closely with Lawrence for many years, creating software solutions across a range of market sectors. Alex has a long track record of delivering innovative software solutions across multiple platforms, from the initial building blocks through to the complete end user application.

This included the creation of a unified multi-user communications system for mission-critical applications in the shipping industry. At Groupcall, Alex is responsible for developing the Groupcall suite of products, for product enhancements and upgrades and, with Lawrence, for the company's product development strategy.

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Joanne Royston

Joanne Royston
Company Secretary

Joanne has over 15 years experience in accounting and running efficient companies; Joanne ran the customer liaison and accounting functions along with managing the steady running of the shipbroking software business.

Within Groupcall, Joanne is company secretary running all accounting functions, managing customer response and responsiveness. Joanne also provides ongoing day to day customer support and manages the company's relationship with the service providers.

Joanne manages all product implementation and provides training materials and courses to clients in all Groupcall products. She is also involved in setting marketing strategy for the business.

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Tim Verlander
Product Development Manager

Tim joined Groupcall in 2010 and spent 5 years prior to that at Warwickshire County Council architecting and implementing school-facing services such as identity management for all students and staff in 250 Warwickshire schools, service monitoring, virtualisation, security, firewalling and software development.

In total Tim has over 10 years’ experience of delivering and architecting technology in the education sector.

Specialising in areas including identity management, designing for the Cloud and mobile, web services, solution architecture, requirements analysis, Systems Interoperability Framework (SIF), technical implementation, practical software development, Internet security, and teaching exciting ICT with gifted and talented students. Tim sat as an active co-chair of SIF Association UK until April 2015.

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Diane Segal

Diane Segal
Office Manager

Diane joined Groupcall in 2007 following an extensive career in accounting and administration.

Diane also spent 5 years working in a nursery teaching children aged 3-5 how to read, write and learn the alphabet.

In addition to her role as Office Manager, Diane oversees all the company’s accounts whilst also managing the administration department.

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Paul Wilmott

Paul Wilmott
Operations Manager

Joining Groupcall at the foundation stages of growth, Paul has undertaken many diverse roles and is currently responsible for Operational Management and ensuring the consistency of effective and innovative service delivery.

Paul has 17 years' experience of delivering  and managing ICT solutions in Education with broad knowledge and experience of practical deployment and implementation.

Focusing on Local Authority / Large Scale Project delivery including MIS Interoperability, data integration and parental communication services, Paul has a background within Education & Children's Services , specialising in network infrastructure and architecture, distributed application delivery and content and filtering management.

Working within Education has instilled a passion to deliver the best quality of service possible, whilst ensuring individual learners needs remain paramount.

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Major Atwal

Major Atwal
Support Manager

Major joined Groupcall in the spring of 2012 as the Support Manager and has a wealth of experience implementing and managing support teams. Working with the various technical and development teams at Groupcall, Major ensures that all projects include suitable support resourcing from the start.

During his time at Groupcall, Major has been fully involved in implementing and managing support needs to projects, including the Department for Education PoC project, its learning Lynchpin replacement project and also the deployment of the messaging platform for Fife County Council.

At Groupcall, Major has companywide responsibility for Product support, leading and working with a broad range of Schools, Academy groups and Local Authorities in the planning, support and implementation of Groupcall products that provide backing to the customers core operations.

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