Alert FAQs

Is your service reliable?

Service outages while rare are handled promptly by our technical team. Many factors outside our control can lead to a service outage and we handle problems promptly as they present themselves.

Do I need to be technical to use the service?

Not at all. Groupcall has designed the interface to be as simple as possible to use. If you’re familiar with surfing the web, then you will be able to use Alert with no problem.

Are there online reports to keep an eye on how the service is being used?

You can see an overview of all messages that you’ve sent, to whom they have been sent and their response; along with an overview of the number of SMSs (texts) sent and when.

Do I have to log in each time I wish to send a message?

As data security is at the heart of everything Groupcall does, Alert is user name and password secured to ensure that only those who have the authority to use the system can access it. If you do not use the system for 15 minutes, the system will timeout and you will need to re-enter your password again.

What Internet browser do I need?

In order to use Alert you need to be using one of the browsers listed: Microsoft Internet Explorer 10+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Apple Safari.

Can I import contacts so that I don’t have to manually create each one?

Yes, depending on the way that you have Alert set up you can import contacts via a CSV file or, if you are using Groupcall Xporter, Alert will be populated with no manual intervention required.

Do you offer training?

Alert is designed so that you will need minimal training but unlimited training is offered free of charge.

Can I send international text messages?

Yes you can. When sending an international text message you do need to ensure that overseas destinations are correctly set up with full international dialing codes so that they are recognized as correct numbers and not return as incorrect UK numbers. Prices are dependent on the destination country, for specific costs please email:

How long can a single message be?

One message can be up to 160 characters long. You can send longer messages and they will be sent as one message but you will be charged for multiple messages.

Can I schedule messages?

By default the message will be send immediately, however you are able to schedule messages at a time and date to suit you.

Can I send text messages to a landline number?

Yes, you can send a text message to a landline number as long as the receiving number is capable of receiving them.

Alert is priced on a variety of subscription options suited to your organisation. Please contact sales on: 020 8506 6100 (option 1) or email:

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