A day in the life of a teacher


When I arrive in my classroom at the start of the day, I switch my PC on and log in. I’ll open my email client, as well as my web browser. I have Emerge 5 Web saved as a default tab to open, and I simply log in using my usual school username and password.

This is because Emerge 5 Web uses Groupcall IDaaS to authenticate and log staff in. IDaaS enables Single Sign On (SSO) with all Groupcall products, Office 365, Google Apps for Education and Active Directory, meaning one set of credentials for all.

Logged into Emerge Web, I can see my first class already appears on screen. I can see who was marked absent during morning registration, so I know who to expect to walk in my door.

I can also see who has already received commendations or sanctions today – all from my home screen.

I can check my timetable in a single click from the side menu and see what classes I have today. I’ll will leave Emerge Web open in the background on my PC to refer to throughout the day.

When my class arrives, I can get to the correct register in one click, and take that register in seconds.

I might record some further behaviour or achievement records using the quick and simple wizards, and mark classwork into the class markbook – or even another of my class’s markbooks.


I hardly ever need to use the school’s MIS, because I have all the tools I need. As lunctime approaches, I take my tablet with me to the staff room.


While relaxing and enjoying my lunch and catching up with colleagues, I remember I needed to write up one of my students for missing their homework today.

I can open the tablet’s in-built browser, navigate to and login to Emerge Web and follow the same wizard I used earlier in the day. It works just as quickly and smoothly as on the PC. We have good Wi-Fi coverage in this building, so everything works well.

A last sip of tea and a check of my timetable in Emerge 5 and it is out to the school field for hockey practice with Year 11.

It is the afternoon, and this is the final grading for GCSE PE – they are showing me their skills with a hockey stick. I need to grade their performance, but the school WiFi doesn’t extend out here, and the school is in a mobile signal blackspot.

This is not a problem though, as I can use my mobile phone with Emerge Mobile app installed. It has all the data and marksheets I need stored on the device. I can grade all the students, and even snap some photos as evidence of their achievement.

While I do this, I hear a scream as two of the students have collided; one is in a bad way. As another member of staff looks after the girl, walk back towards the school buildings reviewing her medical details in Emerge Mobile.

She has a pre-existing shoulder injury. As I approach the outer building and regain some WiFi signal, I send an emergency message using Help Me in Emerge, to the school office asking for assistance. Help arrives soon and the student is well cared for.

At the end of the day, when I am at home, I still have a little marking to do. On my home PC, I simply log into Emerge Web once again and pick up where I left off in school.

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