It works with your MIS

GROUPCALL EMERGE works with your MIS

Emerge 5 is currently fully available for SIMS.

Emerge Mobile only is available for Facility CMIS (Behaviour, achievement and assessment write-back is not currently available for CMIS).

Using Emerge Desktop, the information is read and written back live to the MIS – there is no data synchronisation. This makes data access faster than using the mobile app. The trade-off for this is Emerge Desktop can only be used with a live internet connection.

Emerge Mobile synchronises the data from the MIS to the mobile app. When there is an internet connection, the data will be refreshed, and write back is live. But when the internet is not available, data changes will be stored on the device until a connection is re-established. The trade-off for this is Emerge Mobile can be slower when initially synchronising the data to the device.

The information to be synced from the MIS can include: core pupil and attendance/assessment information, timetable, contact details, behaviour, achievement and medical information.

Once information is captured on an Emerge device, the data is automatically written back to the MIS as soon as the device is connected. Emerge can still function in offline mode, meaning that the school information held within Emerge is still available to use even when you don’t have connection to the school server.

This is perfect for taking attendance in the gym, on a playing field or whilst on a school trip where there is no Wi-Fi, or you do not have access to 3G/4G mobile Internet. As soon as you are back within wireless range of the school you can update your saved registers to the MIS.

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