Latest Updates

Latest Updates

Assessment Write-Back

Save assessment marks against a given mark sheet anywhere, anytime. Update your students' grades whilst away from a computer for direct write-back to SIMS. Being compatible with Emerge's unique offline mode means that assessment marks, grades, test scores and notes can all be saved to the Emerge device even when there is no Internet connection such as on the playing field (great for practical PE assessment) or on a school trip.

Dinner Registration

Primary schools are now able to take the normal morning register and the dinner register at the same time whilst writing the appropriate marks back to SIMS. The Dinner Money module within SIMS is required.

Fire Registration

The fire register intelligently identifies your expected tutor group and students whilst presenting you with a single student per screen allowing you to take your register quickly when in a potentially chaotic situation.

Help Me Button

An emergency alerting facility if the user gets into difficulties inside or outside of the classroom. Pre-configured text messages can be sent to a list of key staff to ask for help. It will also show who is raising the alarm and the location.

Behaviour and Achievement

You are now able to record multiple students against behaviour incidents or achievement events. The 'select all' option is now available, and is great for when a whole class has done particularly well.

Report by Year/Registration

New reports now allow you to have filters for year and registration groups.

Lower Pricing

New lower pricing for site licences - will automatically take place at your next renewal.

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