5 Levels of Security

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Emerge Mobile is completely secure and only works with registered devices where the data is encrypted for the device and the user. Emerge employs security similar to that used by banks and uses two-factor authentication to tie the users to specific devices.

A username, password and passcode are required in order to work only from specific devices authorised to the user.

Remote Wipe/Deactivation

If the device is lost or stolen, it can be wiped remotely using third party tools such as 'find my iPhone' or the 'Android Device Manager'. Sensitive data within the app is encrypted using strong AES encryption keyed on both the device and the user therefore enforcing 2-factor authentication.

2-Factor Authentication

Emerge uses two independent methods of identification. All Apple and Android devices have a unique identifier which cannot be replicated. This ID is used to register the device with the Emerge Management Console running at the school. If a device is not registered with the Emerge Management console, it will not work, even if the Emerge application was installed and a valid username and password was entered.


Emerge has its own dedicated encryption facility, it does not rely on encryption facilities provided by the device. Sensitive data is encrypted using AES 128 (Advanced Encryption Standard) which is the government standard for the UK. Using this method, MIS information is scrambled into incomprehensible data that can only be read by the device and user it has been encrypted for using a unique 128-bit key. Emerge security has been independently and externally approved.

Time-out Passwords and Passcode

The user has to enter the password when they start Emerge and then at set intervals during the day/week (configurable). Additionally, Emerge locks automatically after a number of minutes when idle and can only be accessed again using a 4 digit PIN code. This is separate from the built-in device passcode that can also be switched on, if required. If the wrong PIN is entered four times, all MIS data stored in the device is automatically removed.

Active Directory Integration (AD)

To improve security, deployment and ongoing user support Emerge can be configured to not only authenticate against AD but also to use group membership (or Organisational Units) in AD to determine which Emerge user profile to assign.

Data for Emerge Desktop is encrypted and uses a secure connection the same as any other commercial organisation and the same principles as Emerge Mobile.

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