School Data Security: Your data is safe in our hands

school data security

Your Data is Safe in our Hands

Data security is at the heart of everything Groupcall does and is integral to our company values. Groupcall Messenger is username and password secured to ensure that only those who have the authority to use the system can access it.

Passwords must meet a combination of complexity criteria and can easily, yet securely, be reset by users in the event of a compromised password. Administrators can control the level of access that users have to the system and further secure the system:

  • Against the total number of messages sent (by way of a PIN being required if that limit is breached)
  • Limiting message authorisation to certain users (allowing staff to compose messages and select recipients, but requiring an authorised person to verify the messages for sending)
  • Restricting the history view to certain users (to prevent all users being able to access details of previously sent messages) and allowing only certain users to upload attachments (to ensure only authorised documents are sent on behalf of the school)
  • Data is stored on servers secured with industry standard security measures in place. Data transmission is encrypted and takes place under the protection of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) transfer. Groupcall take the security of data, especially where that data relates to vulnerable groups (e.g. children), very seriously and have a number of measures in place to protect that data.

We are delighted to have been awarded the ISO 27001 accreditation for information security management systems, an internationally recognised certificate. Our customers can be confident that we manage and minimise threats to information and data.

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