Parental Payments with PayOurSchool

Parental Payments with payourschool

The new, innovative (and free*) parental payment solution for Groupcall Messenger

In partnership with Way2Pay, market leaders in education payment solutions, we are delighted to be able to offer schools PayOurSchool, a parental payment platform fully integrated with Groupcall Messenger.

Here are just some of the reasons to use PayOurSchool with Messenger:

  • Efficient

    Quickly and easily request payments from parents for a number of different events, activities, purchases or fees. Parents can pay online using both debit and credit cards.

  • Cost-effective

    Unlike most payment solutions, *PayOurSchool is completely free 
    to set-up and there are no ongoing subscription fees. We are only obliged to charge a competitive 1.5% transaction fee for all online payments. You can either pay the 1.5% fee yourself, or pass this cost over to parents. Also, credit card transactions do not incur any additional costs!

  • Fully integrated

    PayOurSchool is fully integrated with Messenger and your school's Management Information System (MIS)!

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